Thursday, July 4, 2013

WOW - where has the time gone

Hello and a super happy Thursday to you!
You may have noticed that I have not been around for awhile.
Well I have been super duper busy, with my head down and my bum up, working very hard.
It is now week 1 of term two.
I have been very slack with keeping you up to date on my progress, but I will start now with a quick run down on what I have been doing.

I sat all three of my exams in the first week of June. It was a huge week because of having three exams to study for. I tried very hard to stay relaxed and calm but I will admit that I ended up getting a little stressed a few times.
I was actually surprised at just how much information that I had retained when it came to the exams and I was confident that I had done kinda ok in all three.

Anyway I sat the last of the three on Thursday 6th June and that afternoon we headed off on our family vacation. However what was meant to be a relaxing time for the family ended up being 'a running around like chickens with their heads cut off' two and a half weeks. Hehehehe.

We arrived in Brisbane at my lovely Nieces place on the Friday and then I left for a weekend get away with my Niece and my lovely Sister on the Saturday. We treated ourselves to a day at the Brisbane Paper crafting Show, followed by our version of a night on the town in Brisbane, staying at a lovely hotel in town. It was funny cause we ended up back at the hotel and in our pj's by 9.30 at night. Gone are the days when I can party all night hehehe. We did have dinner at the Pancake Manor, where I used to frequent when I was much younger (27 years ago - to be exact - oh boy I am getting old). It was a lovely trip down memory lane. We had lots of giggles during the evening and I really enjoyed every aspect of the getaway.

We stayed at my nieces place for just over a week, which involved a whole lot of shopping for stuff that we needed and couldn't get a home. We also took the boys ice skating, bowling and to an indoor skate park - lots of fun! And then of the Sunday we headed off to the Gold Coast for 4 days. I thought that we would be able to have a relax while we where down on the coast - but that didn't happen. We took the boys to Dream world and SeaWorld while we where there - and had a fabulous time. We treated the boys and let Ashley sign up for  being a trainer for the day and Benji got to do a deep water swim with the dolphins at Sea world. They loved every minute of it!!!!!!! I will try and add some photos for you to see soon.

Anyway after a lovely, very busy holiday we returned to Blackall and started getting stuck into our renovating again while I awaited my end of term results. Finally on Friday the 28th June I got my results and am very pleased to say that I  not only passed all three courses but achieved:

1. High Distinction
2. High Distinction
3. High Distinction

Yay Yay Yay
how happy am I!!!!!!!!
I am over the moon - all the hard work and stress paid off.
I had done really well in my exams as well as my mid term assessments - what a relief!!!!!!

Anyway now term 2 started on Monday and I am now well and truly into the first week of study.
My Three subjects this term are:

Social Foundations of Psychology
Current Trends in Psychology
Professional Practice
So far, so good - I have got my head around the course profiles and assessments, so now I just have to get cracking and do the hard yards.
Ok well speaking of hard work I had better go and get into it.
I will pop those photos up as soon as I get a moment.
Have a great and happy day,
talk soon
x joy