Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Stunned silence in Smithville

 do you hear that?
No I hear you say
Well that is because there is nothing to hear - because a very unusual event has happened
 I am gob smacked silent!!!!!!!!!!
And believe me - that does not happen to me very often in life
I am in shock
I got my end of course maths test results back
wait for it
drum roll please
I got 91%
crikey blimey
can you believe it
There is no way I thought that I would of done so well
I stressed myself out
got myself all in a fuddle and thought that if I was lucky I would of achieved 75%
but I got 91%
whoooo hoooooo
doing the happy dance
 (hahahahaha I have to add that I am doing the gangnam style dance hehehe - I love it)
Anyway just thought I would share it with you
I am one happy girl and now I am so excited about next terms intermediate maths.
Just goes to show that if you put in some effort and enthusiasm in, you can achieve things. Who would of thought that I would get 91 % in my end of course maths test hehehehe.
And now I am thinking that if I had of put in extra effort and time I could of done even better
although I was time poor last term so considering that I am super pleased hehehehehe
So I am going to leave you with my happy dance today
just imagine me doing it
hehehehe and of course giggling away at the same time
if you are one of the very unusual people who haven't seen it
do yourself a favour and watch it
anything that makes so many people happy has to be a good thing.
so off i go
singing and dancing
whoot whoot
opa gangnam style
whoot whoot
you have to watch it full screen with the volume up loud as well
and perhaps have a little dance as well
talk soon
 x joy

Edited to add : I am now even happier - I have just spoken to my maths lecturer and he has told me that I have received a high distinction for maths yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Ahhhhhh term 2 done and dusted

Do you hear that sigh of relief?
That's me relaxing.
Boy oh boy has it been a big week!
But I have survived and now live to tell the tale.
it really wasn't that hard but I stressed myself out
and ended up feeling the pressure.
I did as I planned in my last post and scheduled specific study time for both Biology and Maths but I just got myself all stressed and I am not sure if I overloaded with the study or not. But I guess we just have to wait and see what results I get. The maths test was my first proper sit down timed test and I did feel the pressure of that. I thought that I would of done it in way under 3 hours (after doing the practise test) but was super surprised when our supervisor said "30 minutes left ladies"
eeeeeekkkkkk I felt like I had only just started, and that I had pages and pages left to do. But I calmed myself and tried to just stay focused and I did get to the end although I now know that I missed going back to one question. I also found that I got over whelmed and I just couldn't focus properly. Anyway I did my best at the time and will just wait and see how I did.
But now I have a few weeks to take a deep breath and relax for a little while. I am going to focus on the family and myself and enjoy it. I am planning on spending time doing some crafting which I have been missing during term and some time doing the house work leisurely because I seem to just do it all quickly with no attention to detail while I am studying - so it will be like a spring clean.
I must make comment on one thing that has happened during my studies that goes back to term one in Prep skills. While doing my assessment test A  all those weeks ago I made comment about me cutting back on volunteer work and I wondered how that would go over in this small community. Up until I started this course I had done a huge variety of volunteer duties that took up a considerable amount of time. Well I have cut back and boy oh boy have I copped and  am I still copping flack for it. It seems that some of the people who I thought of as friends have turned out to be just using me for what I would do for them rather than being true friends. And now that I no longer run around doing allsorts of things for other people - these people do not even talk to me. Luckily I can sit back and laugh - it is sooo funny because some do not talk to me at all - full stop - not even a hello and how are you - they just hang their head and walk past. I like to think of it as hanging their head in shame because I have done nothing wrong except wanting to better myself. I guess thats the sort of thing that happens in a small town.
Anyway I still have lots of lovely friends so I am not overly bothered about these narrow minded people but I do wonder what goes on in their heads in terms of justifying their behavour.
It is even funnier when I consider one person who did not speak to me at all until she realised she wanted to borrow something from me. hehehehe it gives me and hubby a laugh anyway. I like to try and stay positive in life - sometimes it is hard with people like this around you. And despite it all - I will not go back to the way things were. I am loving study (even with the pressure of tests).
Ok well on that note - I am off to go play
I will keep you updated on my results for term 2 when they arrive.
talk soon
x joy

Monday, October 1, 2012

Week 13 term 2

Hello, I am back after being a busy little beaver (remember him from 1st term) for a few weeks.
As planned in my last post I knuckled down and got ahead in my studies so that I could spend some quality time with my niece and her lovely family last week. Well I did very well got myself ahead and managed to spend a lovely fun filled week with my lovely visitors. And now I have two more assessments to complete - so it is major knuckle down mode again. I have the optional 3 hour end of course test for maths on Friday at 2pm and I have my final assessment piece for Biology due next Monday.
Now with the optional end of course test for maths - there was no question as to whether I was going to sit it or not because if you didn't you just get either a pass or fail depending on your results throughout the term. But if you sit the end of course test you can bring your results up as high as you are smart hehehe. So I am definitely sitting the exam but I am a little nervous. I have been studying during the last week with my visitors here but this week I intend on hitting the books big time. Although I have woken up with a headache today so that doesn't help. Anyway I will just take it easy today with gentle study and see how that goes.
Then I also need to spend time on my biology test - so the plan is to hit maths today, with some biology tonight. Then Biology tomorrow with maths tomorrow night, then the same again Wednesday. And finally Maths on Thursday and Friday. Plus I have the kiddies home on school holidays so I need to juggle them into the equation as well hahahaha just thought about putting all that in an equation - it would probably look like this:
m+b+k  = s
with variables being m = maths, b = biology,  k = kiddies, t = time and s = success if I achieve it all
wish me luck!
Ok well I had better go and get myself organised - panadol and a big glass of water to start the day off I think. I will keep you updated on the progression.
talk soon
x joy