Monday, October 1, 2012

Week 13 term 2

Hello, I am back after being a busy little beaver (remember him from 1st term) for a few weeks.
As planned in my last post I knuckled down and got ahead in my studies so that I could spend some quality time with my niece and her lovely family last week. Well I did very well got myself ahead and managed to spend a lovely fun filled week with my lovely visitors. And now I have two more assessments to complete - so it is major knuckle down mode again. I have the optional 3 hour end of course test for maths on Friday at 2pm and I have my final assessment piece for Biology due next Monday.
Now with the optional end of course test for maths - there was no question as to whether I was going to sit it or not because if you didn't you just get either a pass or fail depending on your results throughout the term. But if you sit the end of course test you can bring your results up as high as you are smart hehehe. So I am definitely sitting the exam but I am a little nervous. I have been studying during the last week with my visitors here but this week I intend on hitting the books big time. Although I have woken up with a headache today so that doesn't help. Anyway I will just take it easy today with gentle study and see how that goes.
Then I also need to spend time on my biology test - so the plan is to hit maths today, with some biology tonight. Then Biology tomorrow with maths tomorrow night, then the same again Wednesday. And finally Maths on Thursday and Friday. Plus I have the kiddies home on school holidays so I need to juggle them into the equation as well hahahaha just thought about putting all that in an equation - it would probably look like this:
m+b+k  = s
with variables being m = maths, b = biology,  k = kiddies, t = time and s = success if I achieve it all
wish me luck!
Ok well I had better go and get myself organised - panadol and a big glass of water to start the day off I think. I will keep you updated on the progression.
talk soon
x joy

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