Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 1 Week 1 Term 1 of Psychology

Hello and a super happy Monday to you,
how excited am I!
Today is Day 1 Week 1 Term 1 and even Year 1
and I am so excited my fingers are tingling hehehehe
Three subjects this term - so I will be a busy little pumpkin but I can't wait.
My three subjects are
 Biological Foundations of Psychology
Fundamentals of Psychology
Introduction to Allied Health
I started doing my readings over the weekend so today I will pop onto Moodle and get sorted with this weeks to do's.
Then I want to pop onto Cyberpsych to get going on the extra activities on there - I figure that anything extra will be beneficial.
I have discovered that these courses involve a lot of reading, which is to be expected. Similar in a way to my Introductory Biology course last year. So I came up against my first challenge yesterday and that is I find it very hard to read with any distracting noises around - I need silence which in a house hold of three others is impossible. So the boys are at school today but the big fella is on holidays and is cracking away with our renovations. So do I get him to stop sanding walls and sit still while I do my reading hahahahaha not a chance (I'm not silly - I want my reno's done as well)! I worked out last year that I could concentrate with some soft study music playing - it drowns out any other distracting noises. I listen to Strauss - just perfect! I cannot have any music with singing, as me being me - I always end up singing and sometimes dancing along - not good for study. So the soft, uplifting Strauss it is. 
Oooohhhhhh Ok well I am so excited, so I had better go and get into it.
Have a great day - whatever you are doing.
Talk soon
x joy

Friday, February 15, 2013

Who's a happy little vegemite?

Hello and happy Thursday to you,
I am one happy little Vegemite today!
I have just got my end of course test results for Maths
and I got a High Distinction!!!!!
I am so happy and relieved - I really thought I had stuffed up in the test and was expecting only 70%. So how amazed was I to see 85%.
I must say that the excitement that I felt when I got the results was amazing and it made all the stressing and hard work so worth every minute.
I have been spending some time thinking over this last week or so about my whole journey so far.
And really it has been hard work - but has been so worthwhile and rewarding. I am so happy that I have had this opportunity to begin study. And although there have been moments when the stress has got high and I have thought that it has all been too hard  - I am so glad that I am doing it. It has certainly enhanced my life and has given me back a spark that I thought has gone out a long time ago.
I am eager for the new term to begin and to undertake my Undergraduate Program - how exciting is it to have such a journey ahead of me. I know it will be hard work and I know I will get stressed but I want it. I have begun my prep for the term ahead, downloaded course profiles, set up my study plans, done orientation and started reading my text books.
I still have to do some work on juggling family life and study. As sometimes it is hard for the family to remember that I cannot just drop everything and do what needs doing. But we are getting there and I think they do realise just how important this is to me - so generally there is mostly support (just that occasional time when it all gets crazy).
Ok well I am off to go do some mothering duties now - I have Benji home sick today from school. Thank goodness it is not a study day as he is watching movies and it is a loud, noisy, boy movie - you know the ones with 'bang, kapow, clank, whack, sirens blarring and all with yelling and screaming. One of those ones that if you turn it down you can't hear what they are saying when they talk but the bangs and explosions are so loud the ricter scale registers them - eeekkkkk (certainly not a noise I like in the house - I do love my peace and quiet).
Ok have a great day
talk soon
x joy

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Year one and STEPS program done and dusted!

Hello and happy Tuesday to you,
Can you believe it?
Year one done and dusted!
How happy am I!!!!
I cannot believe how fast this year has gone and if I hadn't enrolled in STEPS I would still be sitting here doing all the things I used to do and would still be bored and feeling uninspired.
But here I am instead feeling so proud and totally inspired to keep going. I have an excitement inside that is a great feeling.
I finished up all of my responsibilities with STEPS yesterday, completing my exit survey and evaluations and to tell you the truth - I am a little sad - everyone has been so happy and helpful throughout the whole STEPS program - it has been so amazing. I cannot thank everyone enough for all the help that I received and I would certainly recommend the program to anyone wanting to start University studies.
So - what now?
Well I have until the 25th Feb before I start my undergrad program and in that time I have to complete my orientation online. Which by the look of it - will all be kinda easy because it is alot of what I covered in  the STEPS prep course.
But otherwise I am planning nothing other than relaxing, mothering, house working, a spot of crafting and some more relaxing. (ohhh guess I should add doing some wifey duties as well - but thought you might think I was being rude - but really I just mean going that extra bit to give Hubby the attention that all men seem to need) Sounds super good to me and just what I need to recover from Maths (hehehehe - it really wasn't that bad - but it just doesn't come naturally to me). So if you are looking for me - more than likely you will find me over at my crafty blog
where I will be crafting up a storm hehehehe I wish anyway!
Well you enjoy what ever it is you are doing
we will talk again soon
x joy