Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Year one and STEPS program done and dusted!

Hello and happy Tuesday to you,
Can you believe it?
Year one done and dusted!
How happy am I!!!!
I cannot believe how fast this year has gone and if I hadn't enrolled in STEPS I would still be sitting here doing all the things I used to do and would still be bored and feeling uninspired.
But here I am instead feeling so proud and totally inspired to keep going. I have an excitement inside that is a great feeling.
I finished up all of my responsibilities with STEPS yesterday, completing my exit survey and evaluations and to tell you the truth - I am a little sad - everyone has been so happy and helpful throughout the whole STEPS program - it has been so amazing. I cannot thank everyone enough for all the help that I received and I would certainly recommend the program to anyone wanting to start University studies.
So - what now?
Well I have until the 25th Feb before I start my undergrad program and in that time I have to complete my orientation online. Which by the look of it - will all be kinda easy because it is alot of what I covered in  the STEPS prep course.
But otherwise I am planning nothing other than relaxing, mothering, house working, a spot of crafting and some more relaxing. (ohhh guess I should add doing some wifey duties as well - but thought you might think I was being rude - but really I just mean going that extra bit to give Hubby the attention that all men seem to need) Sounds super good to me and just what I need to recover from Maths (hehehehe - it really wasn't that bad - but it just doesn't come naturally to me). So if you are looking for me - more than likely you will find me over at my crafty blog
where I will be crafting up a storm hehehehe I wish anyway!
Well you enjoy what ever it is you are doing
we will talk again soon
x joy

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