Sunday, December 2, 2012

A quick note to let you know where I am

Hello and a happy Sunday to you,
actually with that said, I must say I had to truly stop and think exactly what day it is!!
I am just not with it at the moment.
Life is just full on at the moment and  keeping me running around like a chook with it's head cut off (which I am sure is not a pretty site)
Although today is the day that I am taking off the auto pilot and getting everything in control again!!!!
You see on the 15th of November I got a phone call to say my Mum had been rushed to hospital by ambulance with a suspected internal bleed. Oh my goodness! With being 1000kms from Brisbane - it was very worrying. So I booked a flight that day to travel to Brisbane on the next day's flight.
Mum spent 8 days in hospital with no reason for the bleed to be found. Although at this stage it appears the bleed has stopped on it's own accord (fingers, toes and everything else crossed).
Then while I was away I managed to catch one of the million fluey things going around in a big town.
It has knocked me for 6, with terrible sore throat, yukko nose and massive headaches complete with 2 days of not being able to lift my head off of the pillow when I flew back home.
 And hey presto - my studying has been thrown into chaos!!!!!!!
I have managed to get through my QUAD module and pass the end of module test (100% - yippee)and am now into the LOGS module with only the last component to do but I am still behind (hopefully I will get up to date on Monday - so I will then only be 3 days behind)
Then this weekend has been chaos with family activities to do as well. Bearing in mind I am still having these headaches and my head is all wishy washy with sinusy stuff (I know - some may say I am wishy washy all the time but more than normal hehe). Friday night we had a school function on.
Then on Saturday I had committed to doing some markets over in Tambo  - which I did and I ended up having a lovely day - although with the temperature soaring the way it did - I ended up with an even yukkyer headache - crikey its a real poor me blog post today isn't it!!!!
Then last night hubby and I had double booked us - hehehehehe (just like us).
He had accepted a birthday party invitation and I had committed Benji to preform a circus act at a town fete. OOhhh crikey we do get ourselves in bothers sometimes. Anyway a quicker than normal visit to both was the solution - then home to comfort my pounding head.
Today I have committed to markets in town this afternoon followed by our favourite thing to do at this time of the year - the local Christmas tree festival. I get to sing Christmas carols - yippee - I love Christmas carols!!!!!! 
And what a timely reminder - CHRISTMAS - oh my goodness again - it is just around the corner - eeeeekkkkkkkkk.
And for those of you that know me - know that I just LOVE Christmas and like to go all out and decorate the intire house inside and out. SO this is where the getting organised comes into action. I have got a priority list in action. This morning is going to be spent cleaning the house (somewhere in all this - the house work got forgotten) then I will clear all of my knick knacks from all around the house(that's a huge job in itself). Then I will drag all of the Christmas decorations out, put all of the knicky knacky stuff away and then slowly this week I will begin to decorate the house (in between study of course). OOOOHHHHH how exciting!!!!!
Last year I had 7 Christmas trees (some big, some small) and I have brought some new ones so I will let you know how many I have now.
 I just love Christmas.
So the plan is to get super organised so I can enjoy it as much this year as I do every year - wish me luck in the organisation part hehehehe it may be a bit hard to get the three boys (one big and two small) to get into the swing with me. But here I go . . . . . . . .  .
talk soon (when I have everything tickerty boo)
x joy
p.s. hahaha you should see how many words spell check highlights when I click on it in this post.
Obviously Mr Spell Checker doesn't speak Joy language with all my hehe and ooohhhh and the rest.
Monday morning note:
Ahhhhh who was I kidding - I thought I was only 3 days behind
haha that's how muddled my head is!!!
I am actually 1 week and 3 days behind - URGH
Anyway onward and upward - I am getting there - nearly finished logarithms, just have the sample and end of module test left to do
so will get ontop of that tonight or tomorrow morning. Then on to functions - luckily this is a non teaching week this week!!!!!!
high ho high ho
it's off to work I go
 . . . . . . . . . . . .

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Week 3

already it is week 3 - where is this time going.
The days are going so quickly - it is hard to keep track of it.
Anyway thought I would just share a little something with you.
I sent an email off to my STEPS distance coordinator this morning to share with her some lovely news and upon reflecting I am feeling a tad pleased with myself - so thought that I would share it with you.
Last night was my son's school presentation night here in Blackall. I love these nights - what a great way to reward hard work and inspire others. Anyway every year up until this year I have got myself all teary eyed and sad when it comes time for the year twelve awards and speeches. I have been so inspired by these young people who achieve success and finish year 12. I have always regretted not doing year 12 or any higher education, so every year at presentation night I am envious. Proud of all their achievements but still envious because I wanted to do it.
Well this year was different - this year I was still proud for all these young people but I also had  a huge welled up feeling of pride for myself (with no tears or sadness to be seen) - proud that I am achieving my dream! How good did it feel - I have never felt anything like it in my life before. And I must say that after everyone here in Smithville had gone to bed and I was having a little quiet moment to myself - I had a little smile on my face - a smile of satisfaction.
Now don't get me wrong - I don't want to come across as cocky or clever. Because I am neither. But it is a great feeling to be putting in the hard work to achieve something that is something that I have quietly wanted all of my adult life. And this just goes to show you that if I can achieve this for myself then absolutely anything is possible. If you have a dream - reach out and grab it with two hands and take it for yourself. It may involve some hurdles to climb or obstacles to overcome - but it is possible. If I can do it - anyone can do it.
I have kept this quote up on my desk in front of me everyday since term one. If I remember correctly it was my distance coordinator who sent it out in an email way back then. It helps keep my motivated and focused on my journey ahead.
Anyway that's all for me today.
I hope your day has been as good as mine.
Life really is wonderful - sometimes you just have to find the wonderful.
But it is always there, somewhere.
talk soon
x joy 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Week one term 3

Hello and welcome to term 3
WOW can you believe it is term 3 already - where has all these weeks gone.
And to add insult to injury it is nearly the end of week one already!!!!
Life here in Smithville has been a little hectic to say the least and I have to admit I haven't started the term in an organised mode. But as of today that is about to change. You see we went over to Rocky on Tuesday morning for a week of dentist and orthodontist appointments for Ashley who needs braces. It has been sooooo busy. He had dentist appointments everyday with a huge day on Friday having four teeth pulled out (two at 8.30am, one at 12pm and another at 2pm) and then all the wires  fitted at 2.30pm. It was very full on and he doesn't cope very well with pain - he gets cranky and won't just sit and relax he seems to need to move around trying to get rid of the pain. No matter what we say he just doesn't cope. So fun fun fun was had by all. Hahaha.
Anyway I went and saw my lecturer for last term Maths to see where I went wrong with my end of course test. So I could do some revision before this term maths. And I got a wonderful surprise - originally I had received 91% for the test but when we started going through it we discovered that I had actually gotten 94%. So I was a happy girl indeed. Still doesn't affect my HD but 3 points is 3 points. Anyway I am just pleased that I now know where I went wrong - EXPONENTS - those little rascals, they trick me all the time hehehehe. But I am going to get cracking with the revision and get them down pat. The other thing is I have to remember to include negatives - I have a habit of forgetting them when I write out my answer. It is soooo good to go back and look over where you went wrong - gives you something to focus on for next time.
Anyway I am now behind in this term Maths as I didn't get as much study done while we where away. It is nearly impossible to study with two boys in a motel room. And I forgot to take a ruler and it is a little hard to study linear equations without a ruler hahahaha you should of seen some of my hand drawn cartesian plains. So for next time I need to remember a ruler and  I have thought that if I ever find myself in the same situation - I could always pop over to the uni and study in the library or in their lovely gardens. It is so peaceful there and I could study in peace and quiet.
So today is get back on track day. I am ignoring the house work, even though the house looks like a tornado has swept through. It doesn't matter, I can catch up when I have caught up on Maths.
This is one of those times when you have to prioritise, so that is what I am doing.
So off I go to get into it!
talk soon
x joy

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Stunned silence in Smithville

 do you hear that?
No I hear you say
Well that is because there is nothing to hear - because a very unusual event has happened
 I am gob smacked silent!!!!!!!!!!
And believe me - that does not happen to me very often in life
I am in shock
I got my end of course maths test results back
wait for it
drum roll please
I got 91%
crikey blimey
can you believe it
There is no way I thought that I would of done so well
I stressed myself out
got myself all in a fuddle and thought that if I was lucky I would of achieved 75%
but I got 91%
whoooo hoooooo
doing the happy dance
 (hahahahaha I have to add that I am doing the gangnam style dance hehehe - I love it)
Anyway just thought I would share it with you
I am one happy girl and now I am so excited about next terms intermediate maths.
Just goes to show that if you put in some effort and enthusiasm in, you can achieve things. Who would of thought that I would get 91 % in my end of course maths test hehehehe.
And now I am thinking that if I had of put in extra effort and time I could of done even better
although I was time poor last term so considering that I am super pleased hehehehehe
So I am going to leave you with my happy dance today
just imagine me doing it
hehehehe and of course giggling away at the same time
if you are one of the very unusual people who haven't seen it
do yourself a favour and watch it
anything that makes so many people happy has to be a good thing.
so off i go
singing and dancing
whoot whoot
opa gangnam style
whoot whoot
you have to watch it full screen with the volume up loud as well
and perhaps have a little dance as well
talk soon
 x joy

Edited to add : I am now even happier - I have just spoken to my maths lecturer and he has told me that I have received a high distinction for maths yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Ahhhhhh term 2 done and dusted

Do you hear that sigh of relief?
That's me relaxing.
Boy oh boy has it been a big week!
But I have survived and now live to tell the tale.
it really wasn't that hard but I stressed myself out
and ended up feeling the pressure.
I did as I planned in my last post and scheduled specific study time for both Biology and Maths but I just got myself all stressed and I am not sure if I overloaded with the study or not. But I guess we just have to wait and see what results I get. The maths test was my first proper sit down timed test and I did feel the pressure of that. I thought that I would of done it in way under 3 hours (after doing the practise test) but was super surprised when our supervisor said "30 minutes left ladies"
eeeeeekkkkkk I felt like I had only just started, and that I had pages and pages left to do. But I calmed myself and tried to just stay focused and I did get to the end although I now know that I missed going back to one question. I also found that I got over whelmed and I just couldn't focus properly. Anyway I did my best at the time and will just wait and see how I did.
But now I have a few weeks to take a deep breath and relax for a little while. I am going to focus on the family and myself and enjoy it. I am planning on spending time doing some crafting which I have been missing during term and some time doing the house work leisurely because I seem to just do it all quickly with no attention to detail while I am studying - so it will be like a spring clean.
I must make comment on one thing that has happened during my studies that goes back to term one in Prep skills. While doing my assessment test A  all those weeks ago I made comment about me cutting back on volunteer work and I wondered how that would go over in this small community. Up until I started this course I had done a huge variety of volunteer duties that took up a considerable amount of time. Well I have cut back and boy oh boy have I copped and  am I still copping flack for it. It seems that some of the people who I thought of as friends have turned out to be just using me for what I would do for them rather than being true friends. And now that I no longer run around doing allsorts of things for other people - these people do not even talk to me. Luckily I can sit back and laugh - it is sooo funny because some do not talk to me at all - full stop - not even a hello and how are you - they just hang their head and walk past. I like to think of it as hanging their head in shame because I have done nothing wrong except wanting to better myself. I guess thats the sort of thing that happens in a small town.
Anyway I still have lots of lovely friends so I am not overly bothered about these narrow minded people but I do wonder what goes on in their heads in terms of justifying their behavour.
It is even funnier when I consider one person who did not speak to me at all until she realised she wanted to borrow something from me. hehehehe it gives me and hubby a laugh anyway. I like to try and stay positive in life - sometimes it is hard with people like this around you. And despite it all - I will not go back to the way things were. I am loving study (even with the pressure of tests).
Ok well on that note - I am off to go play
I will keep you updated on my results for term 2 when they arrive.
talk soon
x joy

Monday, October 1, 2012

Week 13 term 2

Hello, I am back after being a busy little beaver (remember him from 1st term) for a few weeks.
As planned in my last post I knuckled down and got ahead in my studies so that I could spend some quality time with my niece and her lovely family last week. Well I did very well got myself ahead and managed to spend a lovely fun filled week with my lovely visitors. And now I have two more assessments to complete - so it is major knuckle down mode again. I have the optional 3 hour end of course test for maths on Friday at 2pm and I have my final assessment piece for Biology due next Monday.
Now with the optional end of course test for maths - there was no question as to whether I was going to sit it or not because if you didn't you just get either a pass or fail depending on your results throughout the term. But if you sit the end of course test you can bring your results up as high as you are smart hehehe. So I am definitely sitting the exam but I am a little nervous. I have been studying during the last week with my visitors here but this week I intend on hitting the books big time. Although I have woken up with a headache today so that doesn't help. Anyway I will just take it easy today with gentle study and see how that goes.
Then I also need to spend time on my biology test - so the plan is to hit maths today, with some biology tonight. Then Biology tomorrow with maths tomorrow night, then the same again Wednesday. And finally Maths on Thursday and Friday. Plus I have the kiddies home on school holidays so I need to juggle them into the equation as well hahahaha just thought about putting all that in an equation - it would probably look like this:
m+b+k  = s
with variables being m = maths, b = biology,  k = kiddies, t = time and s = success if I achieve it all
wish me luck!
Ok well I had better go and get myself organised - panadol and a big glass of water to start the day off I think. I will keep you updated on the progression.
talk soon
x joy

Monday, September 3, 2012

Week 9

Where are the weeks going to - it seems that I blink and another week is over.
I can't believe that it is nearly the end of term 2 -  WOW!!!!!
Well I shouldn't get ahead of myself really should I, because there is still a lot to do before we reach the end of term 2. But if these next 3 - 4 weeks go as fast as the last 9 weeks have, it will be over before we know it.
I have some very special visitors (my lovely niece, her hubby and 2 gorgeous littlies) coming to stay at the end of September - so I have a plan to under take within the next few weeks. I would like to be in front of all my studies so that I can enjoy their company as I don't see them very often. So starting today I am going to be a study machine hehehehe
.Free School Library Clipart
That sounds a bit serious doesn't it. Actually it just means that I am going to be a little more organised by getting up a little earlier each morning and then getting into the housework so that I can spend longer studying each day. Simple, easy, nothin' to it, I here you say hahahaha have you seen me in the mornings ?????? It ain't pretty!!!!!!
This is me trying to get out of bed in the mornings hehehehe (if only I was this cute though)
I am not a morning person to say the least. I could sleep all day quite easily and then sleep all night. I once slept from Saturday afternoon until Monday morning hehehehe and then woke up all confused because I couldn't work out what day it was. And how ripped off was I when I realised I had slept the whole weekend away and had to get up and go to work.
Anyway I am going to do it. I will conquer my tiredness and get ahead with my studies so I can enjoy my visitors company and not stress about the study.
Ok well on that note I better go and get into the maths for this week. I am already a little ahead - I am up to sitting the EXPO test having done all the EXPO modules last week.
Talk soon
x joy

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Week 7 term 2

Oh my goodness - where is the time going?
I cannot believe it is week 7 already!!
One good thing is that I am back on top of my studies again. With everything up to date on that front.
I have just submitted my maths assessment test A this morning which is great to get out of the way. Boy did it stretch the old grey matter - but I am happy with how I have gone, so we will have to wait and see what results I get. Two questions threw me a little. I did two practise tests first and I got totally different answers each time for question 5c and 9c. So I went with my gut and have all my fingers and toes crossed. I will curse if it comes back and my other answer was the right one.

I have got 100% for several of my end of module maths tests and 95% was my lowest so that is all good. I must be learning something. I never in a million years thought that I would be enjoying algebra hehehe but here I am enjoying every minute of it.

As far as biology goes - I think I am all on track for that as well. And I am enjoying it all as well which is great. Last weeks module was Homeostasis and I found it super easy as I have already completed my 1500 word essay on the biological concept of homeostasis. So the whole module was really just reinforcing what I had learnt in my research. This weeks module is a little tougher - the internal structure and function of organisms on a micro level - molecules for life (biochemistry).
Hehehehe all that protein, carbohydrate, lipid and nucleic acid. oh fun fun fun. I have had a first read of the module but will need to a couple of rereads for anything to settle into this brain. Along with some research in my lovely biology books (did I tell you that I have a thing for lovely thick shiny books - ooooohhhh they are soooo nice - I love carefully flicking through the pages). Anyway that will be tomorrow - Thursday and Friday are usually my biology days.

Ok well I had better go - my biggest two boys just arrived home early from a jaunt to the big smoke and the dentist. Oppps dinner isn't ready - I wasn't expecting them for ages yet. I had better go get a cookin'
talk soon
x joy

Monday, August 6, 2012

Holiday week for some

Hello and a huge happy Monday to you all,
it is officially a non teaching week this week for us CQU students but this little black duck is going to be working her bottom off (hehe I wish). You see last week didn't go at all to plan with some unexpected (and unwanted I might add) interruptions of the family kind. So some balancing acts where called for and knowing that this week was a non teaching week really helped with my schedule. So I overcame and adapted and just got done what I could and took comfort in the fact I had this week to get back on top of things.
So I have worked my way through my maths and biology for week 5 and they are out of the way. But I have two major assessments coming up with my biology essay and my first major maths test due in the first two weeks back. I have steadily worked through more of my essay writing activities from last term today so I am up to 'starting a draft' stage on that front. Although I only have 500 words and I need 1500 hehe so only another 1000 to go until I am finished, and I have had a little look at my maths test. But want to spend more time reviewing before I get fully into it.
I did have a little play with one of the problems and I just couldn't work it all out - that was until I realised I was using totally the wrong percentage rate to work it out hahahaha just goes to show that sometimes you just have to take it all soo slowly and not rush in and do things hehehe lesson learnt - I hope.
Ok well it is 4.00pm and that means it is spend some time with the family time.
So I am off to go do that with maybe the help of a diet coke and a biccy (and I wonder why I can't get rid of my bottom hehehe)
Ok Talk soon
x joy 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Where has the time gone - the end of week 4 already

Well hello there,
Oh my goodness I am so sorry that I have not been around - life in Smithville has been keeping me busy and out of mischief. You see my Mum arrived last Wednesday for a four week visit and I have been trying very hard to make sure she doesn't feel neglected hehe. I have been dividing my time between study, housework and spending time with her and my three (1big and 2 little) boys.
So here we are in week 4 of term two and I have been busy with my studies. Maths is certainly stretching the old thinking skills however I am enjoying it and I seem to be getting most of it. This week I have spent doing the first half of Algebra which believe it or not has actually been fun. Then I have spent a whole day just doing revision, which was also great to do. I went back over all of the PowerPoint videos that have made up the modules and I was really happy with how much has and had sunk in. I will continue to do this to reinforce what I learn. I got 95% for my first end of module test - silly me wrote one problem down with a 4 instead of 14 and I got my positives and negatives mixed up on another - both learning experiences though.

Then biology is also fun. I have not studied Biology before and I really enjoy what it all about. I purchased myself a couple of text books, one basic Biology and one (rather flash) Anatomy and Physiology book, not because I had to but because I wanted to. I am finding it all very fascinating. At the moment we are looking at tissue. Having already looked at Organisms, ecology and now the A and P of organisms. We have covered Organ systems, organs and then next week we are delving deeper into cells. All absolutely fascinating.

It really makes it so much easier to study when you are doing something that you enjoy. I am not finding any of this hard work or a chore because I am looking forward to it (at the moment) I do hope it stays that way and nothing changes. I must say that sometimes I am enjoying my studies so much that I forget that I have to my other Mum and Wife duties (opps). I am trying to make sure I still focus on them but once I get absorbed it is hard to put the books down and walk away. Last term I was having trouble with procrastination - but not this term. But I have to get a balance happening. 

  I have started my Biology essay that is due in week 8 and I am thinking how lucky I was to do Essay writing last term as I am just following my final assessment steps for EWU to write this essay. I have already Analysed my topic, done a cluster map, written a Thesis statement and written down my main ideas. It is not daunting at all (at this stage). I have chosen The biological concept of Homeostasis as my topic. I liked both choices but this one seemed a little more interesting to me.

So that has pretty much got me up to date with all of my study stuff. I have my eldest sons birthday on Monday, he is turning 14 - OMG already I wish he was still little!!!!!!! He is definitely experiencing teenagehood (is there such a word hehehe well if not I just made it up)and it is keeping us busy. We are trialling a little project for him and his Dad to undertake. They have brought a small second hand car to play with and do up. Frankie loves working on cars so it will be great for both of them - however poor Frankie is time poor already with working a stressful '24hr a day 8 days on at a time' job (paramedic) and renovating our old Queenslander house and now doing up a car.

Ashley is having a couple of friends over for  a movie night to celebrate his birthday - so I am really looking forward to that hehehehe last time he had friends over they insisted on watching a scary movie and I ended up having to sit with them as they all got soooo scared and there was so much screaming happening. I actually hate scary movies myself but sat through it commenting on how good the special effects were and talking about how the directors  may of made it look so real. I guess I was I party pooper but at least it stopped the screaming. And I had them all commenting on how it could of been made.

Ok well I had better go and shut the house up for the night as the temperature is dropping (hahaha now if that was the human body that the temperature was dropping in good old Homeostasis would kick in  and get the body to warm itself up again - I think I have become a study geek hehehe)
Ok well I will talk again soon
I will have to pop over to my other life -  being a card maker sometime over the weekend as I have not posted anything on my other blog for soooo long.
but until next time
take care
x joy

Monday, July 9, 2012

Term Two Week Two

Hello and a hearty, happy Monday to you (actually I think I must be only writing this for my benefit as I'm not sure anyone is still reading hehehe anyway I don't mind - I often ramble on to myself  so it is no different to that and besides I get the benefit of some positive thinking and reflecting ) - but if you are still reading pop me a comment and say hi so I can come by your blogs and say hi to you.

Anyway here I am week two, term two. I am all up to date and half way through the maths module for this week and my poor little old brain in doing crazy, whirly things cause there is soooooo much info, it isn't funny hehehehe
I am getting all of the concepts ok but I am sooooo worried that I won't remember them all. I will try and do lots of revision and see how I go.

And then we get to Biology hehehe I answered last weeks - How am I progressing questions and my lecturer got back to me today and said I was on the right track but I had to expand on my answers for practice on tests etc. hehehehe oh boy oh boy, If I hadn't done my last term, I would probably be thinking that this is all too much for me but I do know that this is to be expected and it will all settle down as I get further into the term hehehehe ( I hope anyway) otherwise you will be seeing a lot more of that little whirly brain fellow here.

Ok well it is freezing cold here today and I think I will go and have a nice hot shower and get into my nice comfy flannie jammies early. And then I have three hungry boys to feed.
Have a great whatever you may be doing.
talk soon
x joy 
Ps a special thinking of you to my lovely card blogging pal - Wilma who is very sick at the moment. I am thinking of you Wilma and hoping everything goes well for you x x x x x x x x x 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Term 2 Begins

Wow can you believe it term 2 already! Today is Wednesday and it has really been my first day of study. I have not been very well after my surgery so while trying to take it easy I have been trying to get back into study at the same time. Easier said than done as I am sooooo tired and sore but anyway enough of the whinging and feeling sorry for myself - I am doing Maths and Biology this term and oooohhhhhh boy have I hit the ground running hehehe (well my brain has anyway - my body is not up to running yet hehehe)

I have downloaded both of the course profiles and this weeks module for biology and have had a brief read of it (while sitting basking in the sun shine) and today I got into my first week of maths. Wow is it getting the brain ticking over - this week it is The study of Mathematics and goes over all of the basic stuff like whole, natural, rational, irrational, decimal, real and prime numbers then onto prime factors, highest common factors, lowest common multiples and fractions. Consequently I got a head ache today with all this extra work that my brain hasn't done in sooooo long hehehe. But believe it or not I am actually having fun hehehe only I bet my hubby doesn't think I am, as he got the sad face today when I got over whelmed with it all. Anyway I feel like I have accomplished something today and tomorrow I plan to finish off this module of Maths and get into Biology - so wish me luck.

We have some lovely friends in town at the moment who used to live here in Blackall so we are off out to dinner tonight. I don't think it will be a late one as I am not up to it, but it will be enjoyable.

Ok well have a great day
talk soon
x joy

ps I forgot to tell you that I got three High Distinctions for last terms courses - what a happy happy girl I am

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ahhhhh holidays

Hello - long time no talk, I hope you are all well - I am thoroughly enjoying my break from studies although I am finding I have been a little lost - feeling like I should be doing something hehehe but it is nice to have a break to clear the head before getting back into it again. I got all of my maths stuff in the post the other day so I will be back into it before I know it. I must say the maths does not look easy - but I am thinking positively and I am determined to do well. It will not beat me - I will take one day at a time and plod away.
I am presuming that the Biology will be a little more like Prep skills and I will get modules every week over the Internet, as nothing has arrived for it so far.
Anyway I am off this week for my third round of surgery for the year (ohhh goody - not) so I should get back at the end of June just before grade certification and term two starting. I am really excited about both - I can't wait to see what my grades are and I am looking forward to getting back into the study again - I am missing it!
So I will talk to you all soon when I am feeling heaps better and full of energy again
have a great couple of weeks
talk soon
x joy

Friday, May 25, 2012

Week 12

Hello, can you believe that it is week 12 already. Oh boy these 12 weeks have flown by!!!!!!!!And I can happily report that I have completed all tasks and duties for my three courses this term (as long as nothing else gets added next week) Wooooo Hooooo - how good does it feel. I am one happy little Vegemite. This week I had to finalise my Essay writing research essay- which I did, complete a reflective writing - which I did, complete module 5 for computing and do the final assessment - which I did and finally just contribute to the PSU forum - which I did. So I think that I have finished yippee
 This is a photo of my finalised term planner - with everything crossed off as I have finished it. All of the assessments are in red to ensure I didn't miss anything. 
And this it the sum total of information that I have learnt this term. WOW!!!! these folders and books are what I have worked my way through slowly but steadily. The file on the right is my Prep skills folder, then the 3 books in the middle are my Essay writing study guide and reference materials and the folder on the left is my computing study guide. I must say that I am very proud of myself for completing this first term. I am very satisfied that I have done my best and it feels good.

So now I have a little break - although I am going to do some investigating about possible career choices during this rest time. And then I have three weeks until I head off for my next round of surgery on the 15th June. I am going to indulge in my lovely hobby of card making in this next couple of weeks as well. And then I will get back into it with Term 2 studying maths and biology.
I am sure I will be back before then to keep you up to date on everything but if I don't - have a great couple of weeks.
talk soon
x joy  

Friday, May 18, 2012

Hahaha - I forgot to do the main reflective writing!

Hello, me again with my second post for today. Can you believe that I forgot to do the main reflective writing activity for this module. I did the learning journal activities but not the reflection. Hahaha how silly am I. Although I could say that I meant to do it that way and you would of been non the wiser - anyway I would of known. So here we go again:

Did I achieve what I set out to do:
Yes I did - most definitely. I set out to embrace the journey of discovery and learning and enjoy it all and I have. Although I still have 2 terms left in STEPS so it will be interesting to revisit these questions at the end of this year. But I can't see anything changing.

How do I know that I have achieved this:
Firstly my grades reflect my success at this point and I hope they continue to be good in these last few assessments. Secondly by the way that I feel - I know that I am doing everything possible to achieve success. I am a firm believer that there is no point in pretending or half heartedly doing anything in life as the only person that you are fooling is yourself. I feel good about what I have done because I know that I have done it (with help from my lecturers of course) but most importantly I would not feel good on the inside if I had said that I had done something when in fact I had not.

What did I do to achieve what I did:
I have worked through each and every module and component of all three courses to get to the end. I have done and submitted everything that was required. I tried to complete each module by the Friday of the week it was required and I did achieve that up until the last couple of weeks where I needed to put in some extra effort over the weekend. I also got on top of my tendency to procrastinate - and plugged along even when I had low motivation. That in itself was a big achievement for me as I previously had a tendency to let procrastination take over me.

What is the significance of these achievements:
Well really it is the fact that I am able to study. I have always had self doubt about my abilities after my high school years. But now I feel positive about my future study as I know that if I set my mind to it - I can achieve.

How can I take it further:
There is definitely always room for improvement. I think that maybe I will continue my newly learnt skill of breaking tasks down into smaller more manageable pieces and keep writing to do list. Studying and writing out a calender of course profile details will again be beneficial. I am a little apprehensive about doing maths and biology next term but I need to be positive and embrace the challenge.

Where to from here:
Ok well I really want to do a couple of things in the next weeks to work out what I am going to do from here. I really need to decide what I am going to be when I grow up. I have narrowed my selection down to three main areas and I need to continue to investigate all three options. My short term goal is to do well in my next term of study in the STEPS program, again completing each module by the Friday of the week that it is required. My medium term goal is to decide and enrol into my program of choice and my long term goal is to be in paid employment within my chosen profession in 5 years.

Steps to achieve my next goal:
I need to spend time researching careers through the websites given to us in module 5 as I have not investigated options available to me fully as yet.   This will be my term break homework. I also want to see how I go at Maths and Biology next term as these are area's that I will need to do well in for one of my choices.

What is my responsibility:
I am the only person who is responsible for my own success. No one else can do this for me, that reminds me of a saying that a lovely man that I once worked with used to say 'If it is to be - then it is up to me'. I am aware of my strengths, interests and personal attributes as well as my weaknesses and shortcomings - I just have to make a decision about what I want to do. And I will do that. Maybe I could add another short term goal into the mix and say that I will have committed to what area of study that I want to undertake by the end of next term. 

To quote a little saying that stuck with me from an email that I received from Nel:

'Take pride in how far you have come and have faith in how far you can go'

 I love it and have it sitting up on my desk in front of me because the sky is the limit - we can all achieve what we want if we only just set out to do it.

Ok this time I am off and not coming back today
so have a great afternoon
talk soon
x joy

Friday - again

Don't blink, cause you'll miss another week flying by!
OMG - are these weeks flying by as fast for everyone else cause I sure can't keep track of them. One minute it is Monday and the next second - it is Friday!!!!

I tried to get back to do my final reflections for PSU yesterday but it just didn't happen. I was a very uncomfortable girl yesterday evening and needed to get into bed with feet up to relieve this annoying swelling! Anyway it is much better today and as long as I have a midday break it will all be ok - but roll on the surgery ( I never thought that I would ever look forward to surgery - but that time has come cause I know I will get better afterwards!!!!)

Ok well here we go - this week our modules included Applying to University (how exciting - even though I have two terms of STEPS left to do - it will be great to know what I have to do when I do it) and Looking back, looking forward. I still have a bit to do as far as the applying to university as I am still not 100% certain on exactly what I want to do yet. However I have a very firm plan to work that out. I am going to spend my time in this term break (while recuperating) spending heaps of time working out what I want - then I will get cracking as far as organising what I have to do. I would also like to see how well I do in maths and biology next term cause it would be no good even trying to get into one of my chosen courses if I am no good at  either of them.

Then once again I have loved the looking back, looking forward module (although I don't think there has been one aspect of this 1st term that I haven't enjoyed). It was really good to see all of the benefits of learning in the article The wider benefits of learning. They included:
  • decreased depression
  • increased good health 
  • more positive attitude
  • reduced crime levels
  • increased social skills
  • increased communication skills
  • increased self-efficacy
Really I think education is very beneficial and I believe that it has such wide and varied positive results because you learn about the bigger picture. You get to see the world from not just your own eyes - you begin to see the world view. This is not just in Essay writing either - I have started to see the whole world differently. It is all very exciting. Plus the fact that you are so busy thinking of your studies and assessments that you don't have time to be indulgent in meaningless self pity.

However I can then totally understand that there are also some negative outcomes of learning. I'm sure we have all had bad experiences in learning - I know that I can certainly name a few from my high school days, therefore it is very important to ensure that what you are studying matches your personality and skill level. And ensure that study and other lifestyle choices are balanced. It would be no good spending 16 hours a day studying and try to juggle family commitments - it just wouldn't work.

I am still very excited about the prospect of university study and lifelong learning, but I realise that I have to include a balanced approach to that and enjoying my family life. We always have the capacity to learn and I love the stories that you here in the media about the 90+ year old people graduating from Uni. We all are learning everyday and some of us don't even know it - when was the last time you found out a little snippet of information that you didn't know or found out how to do something new on the computer or even tried out a new recipe. Most of the time we do not even think of that as learning - but we are. I guess it is just what we do with the newly learned information that counts.

Then again in most jobs that we undertake there is always new improved ways of doing things, and sometimes if you don't keep up with these new improved ways - you just get left behind. You have to embrace change and see it as a benefit to succeed in any aspect of life. Imagine if we refused to indulge in convenience food and still cooked absolutely everything from scratch. We would spend all of each and every day in the kitchen and not much else would get done. But most of us embraced the change  and buy convenience food therefore, making life easier.  

Ok well that is about it today (for now anyway) this afternoon is going to be spent fine tuning my planning activities for Essay writing and getting them all together ready for submission next week (you know I hate to run late on submissions). Then I am going to have a weekend off study and make a couple of very special cards for some very special people.

Have a wonderful day - and always remember that if it's not a wonderful day - make it one!!!!!
talk soon
x joy 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Week 11 - the final countdown

Hello and happy Thursday to you, I can't believe how fast these weeks are going? I guess time flies when you are having fun and I can tell you I am having loads of fun!!!!!
This is the second last week (officially) of my very first term at Uni - I can see the light at the end of the tunnel - but I am still enjoying running through the tunnel.
This reminds me of the time that I decided to run through a tunnel up near Bundaberg - called the Bulbunda (I think that is spelt right) anyway - I wanted to walk through it, cause it looked so lovely. But I got the hebby gebbies half way through (there where bats in there) and I ended up running and giggling all the way to the end. And of course my giggles echoed through the tunnel so I am sure it sounded like there where 50 of me (imagine 50 of me hehehe what fun we would have hehehe). Anyway I think I ended up scaring the bats!!!!!!!
So (on with the Uni stuff - and stop getting off track) I am currently just finishing up my Prep skills module 11 and 12. I have already submitted Learning portfolio B which is due tomorrow and I  just need to do some reflecting writing and then I am done. I have completed all modules in my computing and just have my final assessment next week to do. Then I have nearly finished my essay for Essay writing skills. I just need to go back over it and change a couple of things then gather all of the Let's go activities (planning activities) together and submit it for marking. So there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel! 

I must say that I am pleased that this term is over in one respect - although I am sad to be finishing but my health has taken a turn for the worse these last few days and I am well and truly ready for my next operation (booked for 15th June) I have so much swelling - it is very uncomfortable.

Ok well I had planned on getting my reflective writing done but I have waffled on so long that the little people of Smithville will be home any second now. And I haven't got anything ready for afternoon tea - so I am going to hop up and go pop a batch of pikelets on for them. So I will be back shortly to reflect.
talk soon
x joy 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday here again already

Hello and happy Friday to you!
So tell me - who put the clocks on fast forward - cause I am sure that someone has.

clockT.gif (19894 bytes)

 These days are just going too darn quick!!!!! I feel like I wake up in the morning and before I know it - it is time for bed again. And I know that I am getting the most out of the days cause I fall into bed and sleep deeply until morning. Who ever is guilty can you kindly turn the clocks back to slow motion for a couple of days - PLEASE!!!!!! Just so I can feel like I can catch up a bit.

I have had a busy week as you can tell. I did and submitted my spreadsheet assessment on Wednesday ( I think it was Wednesday anyway - all my days are a blur hehe) and was very pleased with how that went. I really enjoyed working in Excel and when you enjoy something - it never feels like hard work. I will look forward to my results for that.

Then yesterday I got my results back for my annotated bibliography (you know the one - that I stressed about when I first started it) well I go a HD for that YIPPEE!!! Happy girl again. That came back really quickly - I wasn't expecting that back for ages yet.

Yesterday was also spent doing my prep skills mod 10 which is critical thinking. Actually thinking about that I don't think I have uploaded my blog post for the reflections that I did during this module - so I had better pull my finger put and upload it. I have now also completed all the sections of my Learning Portfolio B which is due next week. I just have to gather my extra oral preparation files together to submit with it.

Then today apart from the 3 million phone calls that I answered (hehehe yes maybe an exaggeration perhaps it was more like 10) but if felt like 3 million especially because I have been working on my research essay for EWU and everytime I got right into it - the phone rang. But hey I should be counting my blessings and thinking how fortunate I am that so many people wanted to talk to me. I would be very sad if no-one ever rang!!!!!!
So I am up to activity 4-7 in my essay so only 8 more activities to do to get this essay done. I am going to be working on it over the weekend to at least get me up to 4-10 before next week. I hope that I can keep up the standard of my previous submissions for essay writing.  

Ok well I am going to keep going although it is nearly time to start cooking dinner for the masses (well for 4 people actually hehe)
have a great weekend if I don't get back before it is over
talk soon
x joy 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Week Ten

Hello and happy Tuesday to you
OMG where is the time going - can you believe it is week 10 already?
I caught up on my week 9 activities yesterday and here I am ready and raring to go in week 10.
I ended up not being very well after my big weekend  - which I knew would happen. So I am trying to take things easy to keep swelling down to a minimum. Usually lying down helps but at the moment it is ok when I lye down but  the second my feet hit the floor the swelling returns - ahhhh the fun. Anyway enough of the moaning.

This week I have my Computing Skills assessment 3 due which is a test on our spreadsheet skills. I completed the practise assessment HATS yesterday and instead of taking me two hours it took me 188 minutes hehehe (yes I was timing - to see how I went). I just couldn't get some of the Auto fills and Auto sums to work - so I need to hit the revision books before I under take the real deal. I am intending to do the assessment tomorrow. I hate the idea of being late and by now (if you are a frequent visitor) you know that I like to upload and submit assessments early. I would seriously panic if I hadn't done it by the due date. So tomorrow I will lock the doors, take the telephone off the hook and be 'uncontactable' for the time it takes to complete the test. Wish me luck!!!

Then in Essay writing I am continuing to work on my research essay which is ticking along nicely - yesterday I did my concept/cluster map up on the computer for something different. I think it looks good! Prep skills this week is Critical Thinking so that should be interesting. I have already completed my Information Literacy skills quizzes so I don't have to worry about those. 

So that is what week 10 is going to look like for me. So I need to go and get cracking now and get into it. You have a great day.
talk soon
x joy

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Running behind still

Hello and happy Saturday to you,
I am still behind in this weeks study and I must say not feeling crash hot either so I am trying to do things slow and steady. You see it is our local show here this weekend and originally I had promised to be the head steward of the pavilion but as my health is not that great I had to pull out. Although I had still offered to do any jobs that I could undertake sitting down. So yesterday was spent sitting helping with judging and writing out the winners certificates. (hehehe prior knowledge of who won - but I am sworn to secrecy hehe don't try and bribe  me either - although by the time you read this - you will know anyway). But today I am in pain and my bits and pieces are very swollen and uncomfortable. I had planned on taking it easy today and resting up in order to do to the show tomorrow with the boys, but they are very excited and really want to go today and tomorrow - hmmmmmm. So the plans have been changed and I am going to go for a couple of hours today then go for a couple of hours tomorrow. I intend on taking my very comfy chair and finding a little spot to sit and watch the activities. That way the boys can come and go and have fun with their friends (luckily we live in the country and it is very safe).

So that also cuts down on my study time - so I can imagine a few late nights are going to be on the agenda for the next few nights. So this morning I have completed all of the reading for my PSU and I just have to go back over the module and do my reflective writing components which is why I am here, so here we go:
Learning Activity 9-1 and 9-2 - I am actually comfortable with exams and assignments, I understand that we need to undertake assessments of some form  to check our understanding of what we have learnt. I also feel that it is another important step to learning as sometimes things just don't sink in and the idea of an exam makes you want to study that little bit harder to insure that you have taken all the information in that is necessary.  I had actually never thought about the adrenaline side of examines and had never thought about the need to release some of this before an exam - I am certainly going to remember that idea. I also love the idea about not having to use references and bibliographies in exams (although I wonder if it is included in some) and really doing exams gives a different perspective of information that is learn (in closed book exams anyway) as you have to recall the information rather than gather it. I don't think I have a preference to either although I will say that the increased stress involved with an exam is a little more intense. I am comfortable in receiving and accepting constructive feedback as well - as I feel we sometimes cannot see what is right in  front of us - so it is very valuable. I try and never take feedback personally as life in general is a huge learning ground. 

As for the ten common pitfalls of revision - I can proudly say that I am not guilty of all of them hehehe although I am guilty of a few. I never leave revision until the last minute - I try and do revision at the beginning of each new week of everything that I have previously studied (only fairly quick revision but it seems to work - most of the time) but I am guilty of putting off revision (and study) that's the old procrastinator in me, showing it's ugly head hehehe. And although I don't usually find revision boring - I do tend to day dream and my mind wonders off with the fairies regularly.
 La la la

Opps back to it. I do also like the over learning idea as I had never actually thought of it before but it makes a lot of sense.

Learning Journal activity 9-3, 9-4 and 9-5: I love the revision strategies discussed on pages 313 - 316 and will incorporate several into my routine of study on a regular basis. Some I already do but there are a few that I will include. I like to make notes but until the last module never had organised notes- but now I will make them organised and colourful and interactive. As I tend to be a more of a right sided brain person - I think adding colour and images to my notes will work for me. I am definitely a creative person therefore  using more colour and vibrancy will enhance my learning.  Also making sure I don't leave anything to the last minute - I don't like doing that with anything in life - the more preparation time that you have - the better the outcome. I am also going to have a go at recording myself with any difficult revision - I think that is a splendid idea.

Another couple of things that I like are drawing up timetables to revise and practising using old exams or made up questions. I like this last idea as I do find when I am on a time limit I tend to stress more - so again practise will help there. I am finding that almost every module of study in Prep Skills for University contains ideas and strategies that would be useful on a personal level as well as for study. I truly belief that I am growing with all of this new and exciting information. Also chunking and writing things out by hand seem appealing to me. Studying to music has always been beneficial to me (particularly because it blocks out any back ground noises) and usually I have to ensure that the music contains no lyrics as anyone who knows me well knows, that I always end up singing along. Therefore the Mozart effect is one I will try.  

Oh boy this will be along post - maybe you should have a morning tea break - go get a cuppa and a sandwich to keep you sustenance up before I get going again.

Activity 9-6, 9-7and 9-9: The four main stages of the memory process are linked to a tree for me as the words start with the letters TRER (I know it's not the actual spelling of tree but it links for me ok) T is for taking in information, the 1st R is for Retaining information, E is for Encoding information and the 2nd R is for Recalling information. And I have a beautiful tree image that is conjured up when I think of the thinking process.

This is a strategy that I am going to use for better memory. Linking items to visual aides using mnemonics, pyramids and patterns. Actually I love all the ideas given. I don't think there are any that would not be useful or beneficial.

Activity 9-8 is going to be interesting - I am going to monitor my memory difficulties for 3 days and then work out strategies to improve them. I will keep you posted on the results.

Ok well that is module 9 completed apart from the Learning portfolio B activities, so I had better get onto that and then think about taking the boys to the show. I do believe I will need a few doses of pain killers before I move though as things are aching. So much for me resting up and putting my feet up for awhile - hmmmmm. Wish me luck - I am supposed to be attending a 40th birthday party tonight as well - so I am not sure how I will go. I think I will just make an appearance and then head for my bed.

Have a great day
talk soon
x joy

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Week 9 is buzzing along

Hello, happy Thursday to you.
 I hope you are having a happy, happy day cause I sure am!!!!!!
 It's one of those - 'I love life' kinda days here today.
 Actually don't ask me why, cause really when I think about it - it is a cold rainy day and I am running behind in my studies. So I should be feeling pretty ho hum but No Siree I am happy, happy Joy Joy (ha ha ha a work colleague used to call me that years ago and I hated it but it seems appropriate now hehehehe - actually maybe it was cause I didn't really like her that was the real problem hehehe - she was one of those false airs and graces type).

Ok enough of the waffle - you want to know about the study -  right? cause that's why you are here. Well I am so far behind that I feel like I have stepped back in time and I am really still in April not May. hehehe actually things aren't too bad but I do need to pull out my finger and get cracking on the books. I have finished and submitted my annotated bibliography - I really enjoyed doing it in the end after all my fluffing around. It is a great way to make sure that resources are exactly what you want to use for your study. But that is as far as I have gotten in Essay Writing. I have done up to activity 4-3 but need to get going and look at my graphic organisers for the essay.

Computing is heaps of fun this week - I am loving it. We are working with Excel this week and doing spreadsheets, graphs and pie charts
 OOOOHHHH EEEEEE I love em!!!!!

I can imagine that you will be seeing spreadsheets, charts and graphs everywhere in my house from now on. One with the 'kids to do jobs' on it. one with 'the budget' on it, one with 'the holiday planning' on it, one with. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  ahhhhh the list is endless and they look soooo good. So neat and organised and pretty!!!!!! But - you knew there had to be a but didn't you - I still have my optional extra activities to do. I know, I know - it says optional activities but I like to do everything that is given to me - practise makes perfect and I want to do any extra practise that I get the opportunity to do - as it makes the info stick in this old brain a lot better. Then I still have Skills activity (not optional) 4-3 to do.

Then we get to Prep and I haven't even gone there yet this week - ohhhhh dear!!!!!! That's not good - is it? You'd better pull your finger out - I hear you say - You'd better stop waffling on here on blog land - I hear you say!!!! Yes Yes Yes I know - but I want to tell you about my lovely week as well. So I will be quick.

My lovely hubby is on days off this week and he is being a busy boy doing all sorts of bits and pieces on the house. He has painted all the front of the house and is in the process of painting the steps (half way there - but it's raining today). It is lovely having him home and the house looks great. Then last night I went to a Resourceful Adolescent Program at the boy's school - hoping to get some hints about the dreaded teenage years - it was great. Then on Tuesday night for dinner and yesterday afternoon for afternoon tea, I got to catch up with the lovely Robyn from CQU. Do you remember me telling you about Robyn - she is the Outreach Program Officer who I met when I went on the Uni camp with my son. She featured in my Hero's Journey as my mentor. She lit the spark on study for me. It was lovely to catch up - although I am sure that I  talked way too much (surprise surprise. hehehe).

Anyway the good fun will be over for an hour or so today - as we have a meeting with the BANK - I never feel happy when I leave those meetings when you see how much money they are making from us - grrrrrrr! Perhaps I could do a spreadsheet on that! But then the fun will be on again tonight when I pop along to the local bingo for a little play (see I haven't forgotten Paula). Ok well I had better go and see if I can achieve something before the day gets lost.
I hope you have a good day 
talk soon
x joy

Friday, April 27, 2012

It's Friday already

Hello everyone and a huge happy Friday to you. I can't believe this week has gone so quickly! It feels like it was only Tuesday yesterday. Last time I wrote I was feeling a little over whelmed with my Essay writing, annotated bibliography - well you will be pleased to know that I am now no longer over whelmed. I gave myself a break from it and went on and did my other two modules (prep and  computing) and have come back to it with fresh eyes. And surprise surprise it all makes sense now. I actually think it may of been one of those OOOOHHHH DUHHH moments as it really makes perfectly reasonable sense now hehehehe.
Anyway I have started researching for my two problems and I am going to spend some more time on it this weekend so hopefully by Monday I will be on top of the AB (annotated bibliography).

I must say that I have not been overly motivated this week - I even used the folding as a distraction one day - so things must of been bad. Although once I got really into it, I have been fine. I have been learning all about Excel this week in Computing - and don't I love it!!!!!!! I have played with Excel once or twice before but I never knew how to apply formulas - so I am very excited now.

Then with my new reading and listening skills that I have learnt in Prep - I'll be unstoppable hehehe. Seriously though I am thoroughly enjoying myself and I am so glad that I have undertaken this challenge in my life!!!!
Ok well I am off to go close the house up now - it is freezing here today (well almost anyway) actually it is 18degrees celcius so I shouldn't complain. Especially compared to all my lovely blogging buddies (big wave hello) in the UK - I'm sure you would find 18 positively tropical (quoting my lovely cousin John in Nottingham).
Ok talk soon
x joy 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Post number two for today

Hello everyone again,
It is now Tuesday afternoon and my day hasn't gone as planned. I said in my last post that I was going to start with my EWU first off today to get it under way but I got a little over whelmed with it. So have popped it aside for now and will go back to it. I am thinking that maybe I just don't have my essay writing hat on today. Really I am probably being a big girl and I am letting it be bigger than it actually is. But anyway I think a fresh, clean mind tomorrow will give it a new lease of life.

So today instead I have begun my PSU and this weeks module is all about active reading and listening. I have written a little list of tips about how to read selectively and it is:
  • Write a list of what I need
  • Check reading lists provided
  • Check dating of material
  • Check authenticity
  • Look at and read back cover, contents list and indexes.
  • Keep word limits in mind.
According to the evaluation lists in Cottrell (2008, p. 116-118) I am not a very smart reader. And that is no surprise to me. I often find myself reading and reading information and not being able to take it in. So I really enjoyed this exercise to give me some strategies in this area. I will start breaking my reading down into smaller more manageable chunks (there is that strategy again for reading - it seems to keep popping up- breaking things down into more manageable chunks - I think it might be the key to life itself lol hehehehehe). And I will also start to summarise more. I already use high lighters and pencils for marking important points but I will go one step further and use more colours and different marking patterns for easy identification.

The next part of this module is the SQ3R strategy and this was a bit confronting to me because I have covered the SQ3R technique for EWU but I couldn't remember what it stood for - urgh how frustrating. Maybe I just don't have my brain attached today - or I left it somewhere hehe. Anyway I now remember (after looking it up) it stands for Survey, Question, Read, Recite and Review. This is a very valuable tool that I should keep in mind for all of my studies. I especially need to ask questions and try and answer them and review again and again. I often put my notes away - never to be seen again but I have really taken this on board as a way of remembering and linking to newer information that I gain. I already know that if I read my study materials again within 48 hours that they stick in the old gray matter better.

Ok well I am off to go cook some dinner for residents of Smithville oh how I hate cooking!!!!!! I think it will be chicken tonight.
 ok talk soon
x joy

Week 8

Hello, it's Tuesday today and  I am a little bit late starting this week. This is not an ideal situation in my books - I usually like to get right into study first thing Monday morning however I have just had a combination of being busy and not being very well.
 My busy schedule started last Friday with my oral presentation and morning tea with my lovely paper crafting pals - which was lovely. Then I had to take hubby over to Barcaldine to pick up another Ambulance for his busy weekend schedule. At the moment with my health issues, me and the car are not getting along very well, I think it is all the bounce, bounce, bounce. Anyway I ended up in bed Friday afternoon and night in pain. Then the next two days were busy including a return trip to Barcaldine to take the ambulance back on Sunday. Then on Monday there was a car rally in town and Tania Kernagan and John Paul Young were in it, so I just had to go and have a little look didn't I. Well that was the end of me - I spent all afternoon yesterday in bed in pain. OMG I am so over this body, the sooner I can have surgery the better!!!!!!!!!  

Anyway I am feeling better today, so here I am. Now I have abit to get through this week so had better get into it. I have my annotated bibliography for EWU, spreadsheets in CSU and active reading and listening and my information literacy for PSU. I think the annotated bibliography is the most daunting so I am going to tackle that one first.

I have also got a few things on this week including the kids home from school tomorrow for ANZAC day then I have a hair cut on Thurs and Doctors apps on Friday. So I have to juggle the study in between these things. Ok well I had better go and get into it and stop procrastinating.

Have a great day,
talk soon
x joy
Thought I would share a little photo that I took of JPY yesterday - he is very charming and charismatic.
I was singing 'Love is in the air la la la' all after noon hehehe 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Reflection for week 7

Hello and happy Thursday to you.
I am having a good week - I have got all three of my modules wrapped up today. I just have my oral presentation from last week to do tomorrow. So today I am going to do a little reflection on my essay writing. Boy this is a daunting task - not the reflecting but assessment 3 and 4. I understand it but it is still daunting. I have done my first two 'Let's go' activities and have narrowed down my choice of two problems and I think they are waste and water usage (I think - anyway). I am looking forward to stretching my boundaries with this first assessment. You know I never even knew what an annotated Bibliography was until yesterday when I looked it up in the dictionary hehehe. I kind of knew but not properly. Anyway I really like how this assessment is worked into really simple steps to follow cause that is just like me and my to do lists that I write. I work things out into smaller more manageable pieces and then at the end it becomes a bigger piece. 

I have loved Edward de Bono's six hat thinking as well - it does the same thing really - looks at things in smaller pieces rather than the big picture. I can see it will be really useful in all aspects of life. I am looking forward to putting it into practice with the essay.

Here is my own little hat - a pink hat not like de Bono's but a little tiny paper one, measuring about an inch and a half across. I made it a couple of years ago to wear for a best decorated hat competition. Maybe I should make ones in de Bono's colours to remind me of the thinking skills associated with each colour.

 Ok well that is about all for today. It is home time for the boys from school - so I will go and do some Mothering duties. Plus I need to cook some goodies for tomorrow's morning tea.
Have a great day
talk soon
x joy

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

No crazy distractions today

Hello, happy Tuesday to you,
 I hope you are having a great day.
Mine is running along smoothly unlike yesterday. It is just after 11.00am and I have studied all morning and have completed my Prep module for this week including the information literacy unit 3. So now I can move on to either EWU or COIT. I have an assignment due for COIT on Friday so perhaps I should get that one out of the way first before EWU. Although I think I have completed my power point but I may need to just fine tune it a little. 

I got some more results yesterday and this morning for my Prep and Computer skills and got High Distinction in both - whoooo hoooo, very happy girl again here in Smithville (the happy dance was here again). Remember that Computing Assessment that I uploaded wrong and was stressing over - well that was it - and I still got a HD, mind you I only just scrapped in by the hairs on my chiny chin chin (I don't really have hairs on my chin - I just quoted from the Three Little Pigs). I got 86% so I made it by 1% PHEW.  I made a few errors in both but the feedback I received was really good, so I know what I need to work on.
Added note to say I may only of got a Distinction in Computing - I have just noticed a discrepancy in my marking sheet - so I have emailed my Lecturer. I am still a happy girl anyway - cause I thought I had  stuffed up big time so 84% is still way more than I thought I would get.
(still doing the happy dance)
Ok well you have a great day
talk soon
x joy

Monday, April 16, 2012

And back again

It is now nearly one o'clock and I still haven't done nearly as much as I would of liked. You see the boys left at 8.30am then I ran around and did a little bit of housework before I started study at 9.00am then hubby has been home twice today already. The first time was at 10.30 for morning tea and then he was home at 12.00pm for lunch - URGH. And funnily in between his two visits the phone rang once, I had to chase the dog around the yard because he was going pyshco at another dog, I had to visit the the ladies then I had to go and get a glass of water and a couple of panadol for a headache that was creeping up. How is a girl supposed to get things done?

So now I am not going to get interrupted until 2.30pm although when I think about it - that is only one and a half hours away. Still not enough time to achieve all that I wanted to. But I will stop whining and get on with it hehehe.
Ok well I have travelled back in time and reread my first posts from module 1 and looked at the things that I thought would be hurdles for my study and going by first paragraph some things haven't changed hehe. The things that I thought would be troublesome were procrastination, self motivation and computer Internet problems. I have solved the Internet problems and have upgraded to a new usage plan and gone wireless - which is great. But the old procrastination and self motivation are still showing their ugly heads - although not as much as they were.  I still need to set study time aside - set myself up with water, snacks and panadol, take the phone off the hook or put the answering machine on and tell hubby not to come home as much! That should fix the problem hehe - wish me luck!
I loved the video on procrastination - it is so me.  I do exactly what that little man does. I'll just do this before I do that hahaha. I have so gotta get that under control! Maybe I could use a positive affirmation to help - I can sit and study while ignoring all distractions hehehe. Actually I love positive affirmations and have used them for years. I even made a huge poster full of my favourite ones - but now I wonder where that poster is - it used to hang on my craft room wall, I must have a look for it.
Some techniques that I currently use to relax are unwinding in a lovely bubble bath (ahhhh nothing nicer) and when I am fit and healthy (not just yet) I love spending time working in the garden although at the moment I find just sitting in the garden near my water feature reading is a great way of relaxing. Another technique is putting things into perspective and setting priorities by making lists. I find this really helps - it breaks things up into smaller more manageable tasks. I love crossing things off as I go to see that I am achieving something.

HAHAHAHA best laid plans go astray again. I was all set to study till 2.30pm and now the CQU site is down hehehehe that is good old Murphy's law for you isn't it. So I am going to be super resilient and swap my day around and pop to the shop for some fresh fruit and some dinner now and finish with the study when I get back (if the site is back up again).

Talk soon
 x joy
p.s. Why doesn't Mr Blogger think that my hehehe and hahaha are words - he keeps asking me to change them in spell check - get used to it Mr Blogger - I speak the language of hehehe and hahahaha

Module 7 - Stress management and resilience

Hello again, I'm back as promised. I knew I was going to be journaling and reflecting today - I had a sneak peak at this module last night so I knew what I was doing today. So here we go:

The stress quiz was very accurate for me (at the moment anyway - I wonder if I had done it last week with the video uploading, if it would of come out differently hehe) anyway I got a score of 37 today and it said that I had a good balance which is most of the time for me. I do think that I can cope with stress most of the time - it is just the odd time when things get too much that I don't. So really I think the test was very accurate.

I love the images of 'first world problems' - talk about putting life in perspective. They made me giggle but really when you think about it, we all do it to a degree and it may not seem like it at the time but a majority of our problems are 'first world problems' - just like my 'my video won't upload to youtube' moment.  Really I am lucky that I have a video camera to play with anyway and the computer to try and upload it on and then the electricity to run the computer and the money to afford the electricity and and and . . . . . . . . . . .  I should be thinking of all the things in life that I am grateful for and the learning opportunities that are ahead of me instead of whinging that I can't get something to work for me!

I love the table of managing stress - I think that I will photocopy it and put it above my desk. Don't sweat the small stuff is one that I really like. I have the book Don't sweat the small stuff. . .  and it's all small stuff by Richard Carlson (1997) and I read it all the time. It is a great little tool for putting life into perspective - it's just hard remembering it all when you need it most. I really like the idea of putting  strategies into your everyday life that way they are already in place for when you need it. I think I need to do that - perhaps I could include some quiet listening to  music time each day. I also need to set realistic goals for myself - sometimes I expect way too much.

This then brings me to the the Stress is making Australia sick article - very interesting reading. As a society we tend to push ourselves further and higher constantly - this article emphasizes that it is not good for us. We need to take control and find measures to keep our stress under control. One person is only capable of achieving so much within each day and although we need to limit procrastination and time wasting, we need to limit how much we take on in life.

Rather than make this a marathon blog post I am going to finish this one here and start a new post. That way if I am rambling on a bit you can take a break from reading hehehe. Also I need to go back and look at module one now and reflect on what changes that I was going to put into practise and see if I have followed through with those changes.