Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Week 7 term 2

Oh my goodness - where is the time going?
I cannot believe it is week 7 already!!
One good thing is that I am back on top of my studies again. With everything up to date on that front.
I have just submitted my maths assessment test A this morning which is great to get out of the way. Boy did it stretch the old grey matter - but I am happy with how I have gone, so we will have to wait and see what results I get. Two questions threw me a little. I did two practise tests first and I got totally different answers each time for question 5c and 9c. So I went with my gut and have all my fingers and toes crossed. I will curse if it comes back and my other answer was the right one.

I have got 100% for several of my end of module maths tests and 95% was my lowest so that is all good. I must be learning something. I never in a million years thought that I would be enjoying algebra hehehe but here I am enjoying every minute of it.

As far as biology goes - I think I am all on track for that as well. And I am enjoying it all as well which is great. Last weeks module was Homeostasis and I found it super easy as I have already completed my 1500 word essay on the biological concept of homeostasis. So the whole module was really just reinforcing what I had learnt in my research. This weeks module is a little tougher - the internal structure and function of organisms on a micro level - molecules for life (biochemistry).
Hehehehe all that protein, carbohydrate, lipid and nucleic acid. oh fun fun fun. I have had a first read of the module but will need to a couple of rereads for anything to settle into this brain. Along with some research in my lovely biology books (did I tell you that I have a thing for lovely thick shiny books - ooooohhhh they are soooo nice - I love carefully flicking through the pages). Anyway that will be tomorrow - Thursday and Friday are usually my biology days.

Ok well I had better go - my biggest two boys just arrived home early from a jaunt to the big smoke and the dentist. Oppps dinner isn't ready - I wasn't expecting them for ages yet. I had better go get a cookin'
talk soon
x joy

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