Monday, September 3, 2012

Week 9

Where are the weeks going to - it seems that I blink and another week is over.
I can't believe that it is nearly the end of term 2 -  WOW!!!!!
Well I shouldn't get ahead of myself really should I, because there is still a lot to do before we reach the end of term 2. But if these next 3 - 4 weeks go as fast as the last 9 weeks have, it will be over before we know it.
I have some very special visitors (my lovely niece, her hubby and 2 gorgeous littlies) coming to stay at the end of September - so I have a plan to under take within the next few weeks. I would like to be in front of all my studies so that I can enjoy their company as I don't see them very often. So starting today I am going to be a study machine hehehehe
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That sounds a bit serious doesn't it. Actually it just means that I am going to be a little more organised by getting up a little earlier each morning and then getting into the housework so that I can spend longer studying each day. Simple, easy, nothin' to it, I here you say hahahaha have you seen me in the mornings ?????? It ain't pretty!!!!!!
This is me trying to get out of bed in the mornings hehehehe (if only I was this cute though)
I am not a morning person to say the least. I could sleep all day quite easily and then sleep all night. I once slept from Saturday afternoon until Monday morning hehehehe and then woke up all confused because I couldn't work out what day it was. And how ripped off was I when I realised I had slept the whole weekend away and had to get up and go to work.
Anyway I am going to do it. I will conquer my tiredness and get ahead with my studies so I can enjoy my visitors company and not stress about the study.
Ok well on that note I better go and get into the maths for this week. I am already a little ahead - I am up to sitting the EXPO test having done all the EXPO modules last week.
Talk soon
x joy

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