Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Week 7 term 2

Oh my goodness - where is the time going?
I cannot believe it is week 7 already!!
One good thing is that I am back on top of my studies again. With everything up to date on that front.
I have just submitted my maths assessment test A this morning which is great to get out of the way. Boy did it stretch the old grey matter - but I am happy with how I have gone, so we will have to wait and see what results I get. Two questions threw me a little. I did two practise tests first and I got totally different answers each time for question 5c and 9c. So I went with my gut and have all my fingers and toes crossed. I will curse if it comes back and my other answer was the right one.

I have got 100% for several of my end of module maths tests and 95% was my lowest so that is all good. I must be learning something. I never in a million years thought that I would be enjoying algebra hehehe but here I am enjoying every minute of it.

As far as biology goes - I think I am all on track for that as well. And I am enjoying it all as well which is great. Last weeks module was Homeostasis and I found it super easy as I have already completed my 1500 word essay on the biological concept of homeostasis. So the whole module was really just reinforcing what I had learnt in my research. This weeks module is a little tougher - the internal structure and function of organisms on a micro level - molecules for life (biochemistry).
Hehehehe all that protein, carbohydrate, lipid and nucleic acid. oh fun fun fun. I have had a first read of the module but will need to a couple of rereads for anything to settle into this brain. Along with some research in my lovely biology books (did I tell you that I have a thing for lovely thick shiny books - ooooohhhh they are soooo nice - I love carefully flicking through the pages). Anyway that will be tomorrow - Thursday and Friday are usually my biology days.

Ok well I had better go - my biggest two boys just arrived home early from a jaunt to the big smoke and the dentist. Oppps dinner isn't ready - I wasn't expecting them for ages yet. I had better go get a cookin'
talk soon
x joy

Monday, August 6, 2012

Holiday week for some

Hello and a huge happy Monday to you all,
it is officially a non teaching week this week for us CQU students but this little black duck is going to be working her bottom off (hehe I wish). You see last week didn't go at all to plan with some unexpected (and unwanted I might add) interruptions of the family kind. So some balancing acts where called for and knowing that this week was a non teaching week really helped with my schedule. So I overcame and adapted and just got done what I could and took comfort in the fact I had this week to get back on top of things.
So I have worked my way through my maths and biology for week 5 and they are out of the way. But I have two major assessments coming up with my biology essay and my first major maths test due in the first two weeks back. I have steadily worked through more of my essay writing activities from last term today so I am up to 'starting a draft' stage on that front. Although I only have 500 words and I need 1500 hehe so only another 1000 to go until I am finished, and I have had a little look at my maths test. But want to spend more time reviewing before I get fully into it.
I did have a little play with one of the problems and I just couldn't work it all out - that was until I realised I was using totally the wrong percentage rate to work it out hahahaha just goes to show that sometimes you just have to take it all soo slowly and not rush in and do things hehehe lesson learnt - I hope.
Ok well it is 4.00pm and that means it is spend some time with the family time.
So I am off to go do that with maybe the help of a diet coke and a biccy (and I wonder why I can't get rid of my bottom hehehe)
Ok Talk soon
x joy