Thursday, January 31, 2013


It's over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh my goodness - do I feel relieved!!!!!!
I have sat my three hour maths test today and I can finally breath again hehehe.
I have to admit that I have allowed myself to get stressed about this test. And rightfully so - it was bloody hard!!!!!!! hehehehe probably not that hard but when you are stressing everything always looks harder than it really is.
Hmmmmm so now I just have to wait for results - which will be all in before term 1 (2013) starts so I am just relaxing now. And how did I think I went hahahahaha - I don't think I went that well actually - I think I will be lucky to scrape through with 70%. I worked slowly through the first half - plodding away then when I looked at the clock - eeeeeekkkkkkk I was running out of time. So I rushed the second half and panicked a bit - so the brain just didn't want to work properly.
And I ended up getting messy - I hate getting messy - I like to work slowly and neatly.
Anyway I can relax for a few weeks now (on the study front) and catch up on the housework and Mother and Wife duties that have been neglected.
The maths books will be packed away and all my new study material will come out to play, ready for term 1 to begin.
Ok so I am off to go do some unwinding!
It is going to be a feet up doing absolutely nothing 'until the boys come home' afternoon.
(that will be interesting cause I usually can't do nothing - it's impossible - I always have to be doing something).
I will begin with a spot of lunch in front of the tellie.
Ok have a great day.
talk soon
x joy

Saturday, January 19, 2013

I got an offer!!!!

Hello and happy Saturday to you
Just a little update to let you know that I got an offer to study Psychology at CQU.
I am super happy and have almost completed my acceptance process (just have to finish choosing my first electives). I am a very happy girl!
But I cannot take my eye off what is happening at the moment - I am in the home stretch of Maths and my hair is turning grey hehehehe my brain is whirling with functions, quadratics, permutations and the rest. I am feeling a little over whelmed and feel like nothing I am learning is sinking in. I am reviewing each night and last night I felt like I was looking at stuff that I had never even seen before let alone actually studied it and worked through it's exercises.
Anyway I think that may be stress so I will take it a little easier in the next few days and just work through it all slowly. I will watch all of the videos again as well in the next week as I find that helps to reinforce what I am reading.
ok well I had better go and get the house vacuumed and mopped - the boys are all out which is a rare occurrence and I am going to jump in and clean while they aren't walking around all over my clean floors. That way I can sit and enjoy it clean for a few brief moments before we return to chaos again hehehehe.
 Have a great day!
talk soon
x joy

Sunday, January 13, 2013

MIA - Missing in Action

Oh my goodness,
where is this time going to?
Can you believe it is day 1 of week 10 term 3 tomorrow?
I cannot believe I have almost completed my year of the STEPS program.
The time has just flown by - particularly this last month!!!!
 I feel like I have just turned around once and the month is over already.
Last time I spoke I was running around like a chook with it's head cut off getting prepared for Christmas while studying away.
And here we are one month later with Christmas and New year over and now we are well and truly back to the grind stone of end of term preparations.
Firstly I hope everyone had as lovely a Christmas and New year as me. It was packed with all of my favourite things including family, food and festivities.
I got totally spoilt from my biggest boy who surprised me with a beautiful charm bracelet and a gorgeous ruby and diamond ring - BIG TIME NICE!!!!
It is always my favourite time of the year - although I did find it all a bit rushed with studying at the same time. I have been spoilt for so many years where I have just been lucky enough to just indulge myself in the festive spirit. SO this was a learning curve of how to do both, and I think I achieved it. I still managed to meet all deadlines while enjoying myself.
Then the last few weeks have also been a little rushed with two trips away to Emerald within 2 weeks. That equates to  5 days away within 14 days, while trying to complete 2 modules within this time. But I have nothing planned now in the next few weeks so I am just going to concentrate on my studies. Which is just as well as I have my progress test B and end of course test coming up in the next few weeks.
I have received my Progress Test A results - 95% which I am pleased with. Although I lost that 5% through silly basic math mistakes. So I need to pay attention to detail, work slowly and double check that I am rewriting details correctly.
The last two days have seen me complete my second of the additional modules VRAP - variation, ratio and proportion - I liked it - it was refreshingly easy after last weeks SEQR (Sequences and Series) which tested my grey matter a couple of times.
Anyway - I am gunna share a funny story with you.
I have had a headache for the last couple of days (hormonal - I get a beauty of a headache for several days at the same time each month) anyway I went and lay down for half an hour today to try and relieve it for a little while. And I was awoken by a rather loud noise - for those of you that know me know that we own a lovely old Queenslander and are slowly doing it up. Well I awoke to discover that my darling hubby had decided to start cleaning, stripping, sanding one of the lounge rooms ready for painting. He had pulled the lounge apart and moved one corner of the furniture into the middle of the room and started sanding away - NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
Had he covered anything up or put anything out of the way so as not to get covered in the ultra fine paint dust - NO HE HAD NOT!!!!! He is a boy and boys don't usually think of that do they!!!! There was paint dust everywhere - and I mean everywhere OMG - what was he thinking (oh I forgot sometimes that male breed of human beings don't think do they?)
GRRRRRRRRR I could of killed him and then to top it off he got called into work (he's a paramedic) to help out on a job - so guess who had to clean up the mess he made - YES me - MEN!!!!!!! 
And now he has just got home and is wondering why I haven't got dinner ready and on the table - hmmmmmmmm did he even notice that I have cleaned everything or did he think the cleaning fairy appeared? Gotto love him cause if I didn't I would kill him hehehehehe. I am about to remind him what a wonderful wife I am hehehehehe before I get a salad happening for dinner.
I think I just earned that ruby and diamond ring - hehehehehehe!!!!

This is our gorgeous old house - I love it to bits!!!!! (except when it is covered in paint dust inside - hehehehe)
Oh and I forgot to mention - we are having a massive heat wave here. It reached 50 degrees here on Tuesday and is about to hit the same tomorrow. I have been hibernating in the airconditioning. I cannot bear the heat (more headaches) so the aircons have been going 24/7.
Ok well better go do my perfect wife duties and get that salad rustled up.
OK stay safe
talk soon
x joy