Saturday, January 19, 2013

I got an offer!!!!

Hello and happy Saturday to you
Just a little update to let you know that I got an offer to study Psychology at CQU.
I am super happy and have almost completed my acceptance process (just have to finish choosing my first electives). I am a very happy girl!
But I cannot take my eye off what is happening at the moment - I am in the home stretch of Maths and my hair is turning grey hehehehe my brain is whirling with functions, quadratics, permutations and the rest. I am feeling a little over whelmed and feel like nothing I am learning is sinking in. I am reviewing each night and last night I felt like I was looking at stuff that I had never even seen before let alone actually studied it and worked through it's exercises.
Anyway I think that may be stress so I will take it a little easier in the next few days and just work through it all slowly. I will watch all of the videos again as well in the next week as I find that helps to reinforce what I am reading.
ok well I had better go and get the house vacuumed and mopped - the boys are all out which is a rare occurrence and I am going to jump in and clean while they aren't walking around all over my clean floors. That way I can sit and enjoy it clean for a few brief moments before we return to chaos again hehehehe.
 Have a great day!
talk soon
x joy

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