Thursday, May 3, 2012

Week 9 is buzzing along

Hello, happy Thursday to you.
 I hope you are having a happy, happy day cause I sure am!!!!!!
 It's one of those - 'I love life' kinda days here today.
 Actually don't ask me why, cause really when I think about it - it is a cold rainy day and I am running behind in my studies. So I should be feeling pretty ho hum but No Siree I am happy, happy Joy Joy (ha ha ha a work colleague used to call me that years ago and I hated it but it seems appropriate now hehehehe - actually maybe it was cause I didn't really like her that was the real problem hehehe - she was one of those false airs and graces type).

Ok enough of the waffle - you want to know about the study -  right? cause that's why you are here. Well I am so far behind that I feel like I have stepped back in time and I am really still in April not May. hehehe actually things aren't too bad but I do need to pull out my finger and get cracking on the books. I have finished and submitted my annotated bibliography - I really enjoyed doing it in the end after all my fluffing around. It is a great way to make sure that resources are exactly what you want to use for your study. But that is as far as I have gotten in Essay Writing. I have done up to activity 4-3 but need to get going and look at my graphic organisers for the essay.

Computing is heaps of fun this week - I am loving it. We are working with Excel this week and doing spreadsheets, graphs and pie charts
 OOOOHHHH EEEEEE I love em!!!!!

I can imagine that you will be seeing spreadsheets, charts and graphs everywhere in my house from now on. One with the 'kids to do jobs' on it. one with 'the budget' on it, one with 'the holiday planning' on it, one with. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  ahhhhh the list is endless and they look soooo good. So neat and organised and pretty!!!!!! But - you knew there had to be a but didn't you - I still have my optional extra activities to do. I know, I know - it says optional activities but I like to do everything that is given to me - practise makes perfect and I want to do any extra practise that I get the opportunity to do - as it makes the info stick in this old brain a lot better. Then I still have Skills activity (not optional) 4-3 to do.

Then we get to Prep and I haven't even gone there yet this week - ohhhhh dear!!!!!! That's not good - is it? You'd better pull your finger out - I hear you say - You'd better stop waffling on here on blog land - I hear you say!!!! Yes Yes Yes I know - but I want to tell you about my lovely week as well. So I will be quick.

My lovely hubby is on days off this week and he is being a busy boy doing all sorts of bits and pieces on the house. He has painted all the front of the house and is in the process of painting the steps (half way there - but it's raining today). It is lovely having him home and the house looks great. Then last night I went to a Resourceful Adolescent Program at the boy's school - hoping to get some hints about the dreaded teenage years - it was great. Then on Tuesday night for dinner and yesterday afternoon for afternoon tea, I got to catch up with the lovely Robyn from CQU. Do you remember me telling you about Robyn - she is the Outreach Program Officer who I met when I went on the Uni camp with my son. She featured in my Hero's Journey as my mentor. She lit the spark on study for me. It was lovely to catch up - although I am sure that I  talked way too much (surprise surprise. hehehe).

Anyway the good fun will be over for an hour or so today - as we have a meeting with the BANK - I never feel happy when I leave those meetings when you see how much money they are making from us - grrrrrrr! Perhaps I could do a spreadsheet on that! But then the fun will be on again tonight when I pop along to the local bingo for a little play (see I haven't forgotten Paula). Ok well I had better go and see if I can achieve something before the day gets lost.
I hope you have a good day 
talk soon
x joy

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