Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday here again already

Hello and happy Friday to you!
So tell me - who put the clocks on fast forward - cause I am sure that someone has.

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 These days are just going too darn quick!!!!! I feel like I wake up in the morning and before I know it - it is time for bed again. And I know that I am getting the most out of the days cause I fall into bed and sleep deeply until morning. Who ever is guilty can you kindly turn the clocks back to slow motion for a couple of days - PLEASE!!!!!! Just so I can feel like I can catch up a bit.

I have had a busy week as you can tell. I did and submitted my spreadsheet assessment on Wednesday ( I think it was Wednesday anyway - all my days are a blur hehe) and was very pleased with how that went. I really enjoyed working in Excel and when you enjoy something - it never feels like hard work. I will look forward to my results for that.

Then yesterday I got my results back for my annotated bibliography (you know the one - that I stressed about when I first started it) well I go a HD for that YIPPEE!!! Happy girl again. That came back really quickly - I wasn't expecting that back for ages yet.

Yesterday was also spent doing my prep skills mod 10 which is critical thinking. Actually thinking about that I don't think I have uploaded my blog post for the reflections that I did during this module - so I had better pull my finger put and upload it. I have now also completed all the sections of my Learning Portfolio B which is due next week. I just have to gather my extra oral preparation files together to submit with it.

Then today apart from the 3 million phone calls that I answered (hehehe yes maybe an exaggeration perhaps it was more like 10) but if felt like 3 million especially because I have been working on my research essay for EWU and everytime I got right into it - the phone rang. But hey I should be counting my blessings and thinking how fortunate I am that so many people wanted to talk to me. I would be very sad if no-one ever rang!!!!!!
So I am up to activity 4-7 in my essay so only 8 more activities to do to get this essay done. I am going to be working on it over the weekend to at least get me up to 4-10 before next week. I hope that I can keep up the standard of my previous submissions for essay writing.  

Ok well I am going to keep going although it is nearly time to start cooking dinner for the masses (well for 4 people actually hehe)
have a great weekend if I don't get back before it is over
talk soon
x joy 

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