Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Week Ten

Hello and happy Tuesday to you
OMG where is the time going - can you believe it is week 10 already?
I caught up on my week 9 activities yesterday and here I am ready and raring to go in week 10.
I ended up not being very well after my big weekend  - which I knew would happen. So I am trying to take things easy to keep swelling down to a minimum. Usually lying down helps but at the moment it is ok when I lye down but  the second my feet hit the floor the swelling returns - ahhhh the fun. Anyway enough of the moaning.

This week I have my Computing Skills assessment 3 due which is a test on our spreadsheet skills. I completed the practise assessment HATS yesterday and instead of taking me two hours it took me 188 minutes hehehe (yes I was timing - to see how I went). I just couldn't get some of the Auto fills and Auto sums to work - so I need to hit the revision books before I under take the real deal. I am intending to do the assessment tomorrow. I hate the idea of being late and by now (if you are a frequent visitor) you know that I like to upload and submit assessments early. I would seriously panic if I hadn't done it by the due date. So tomorrow I will lock the doors, take the telephone off the hook and be 'uncontactable' for the time it takes to complete the test. Wish me luck!!!

Then in Essay writing I am continuing to work on my research essay which is ticking along nicely - yesterday I did my concept/cluster map up on the computer for something different. I think it looks good! Prep skills this week is Critical Thinking so that should be interesting. I have already completed my Information Literacy skills quizzes so I don't have to worry about those. 

So that is what week 10 is going to look like for me. So I need to go and get cracking now and get into it. You have a great day.
talk soon
x joy

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