Saturday, May 5, 2012

Running behind still

Hello and happy Saturday to you,
I am still behind in this weeks study and I must say not feeling crash hot either so I am trying to do things slow and steady. You see it is our local show here this weekend and originally I had promised to be the head steward of the pavilion but as my health is not that great I had to pull out. Although I had still offered to do any jobs that I could undertake sitting down. So yesterday was spent sitting helping with judging and writing out the winners certificates. (hehehe prior knowledge of who won - but I am sworn to secrecy hehe don't try and bribe  me either - although by the time you read this - you will know anyway). But today I am in pain and my bits and pieces are very swollen and uncomfortable. I had planned on taking it easy today and resting up in order to do to the show tomorrow with the boys, but they are very excited and really want to go today and tomorrow - hmmmmmm. So the plans have been changed and I am going to go for a couple of hours today then go for a couple of hours tomorrow. I intend on taking my very comfy chair and finding a little spot to sit and watch the activities. That way the boys can come and go and have fun with their friends (luckily we live in the country and it is very safe).

So that also cuts down on my study time - so I can imagine a few late nights are going to be on the agenda for the next few nights. So this morning I have completed all of the reading for my PSU and I just have to go back over the module and do my reflective writing components which is why I am here, so here we go:
Learning Activity 9-1 and 9-2 - I am actually comfortable with exams and assignments, I understand that we need to undertake assessments of some form  to check our understanding of what we have learnt. I also feel that it is another important step to learning as sometimes things just don't sink in and the idea of an exam makes you want to study that little bit harder to insure that you have taken all the information in that is necessary.  I had actually never thought about the adrenaline side of examines and had never thought about the need to release some of this before an exam - I am certainly going to remember that idea. I also love the idea about not having to use references and bibliographies in exams (although I wonder if it is included in some) and really doing exams gives a different perspective of information that is learn (in closed book exams anyway) as you have to recall the information rather than gather it. I don't think I have a preference to either although I will say that the increased stress involved with an exam is a little more intense. I am comfortable in receiving and accepting constructive feedback as well - as I feel we sometimes cannot see what is right in  front of us - so it is very valuable. I try and never take feedback personally as life in general is a huge learning ground. 

As for the ten common pitfalls of revision - I can proudly say that I am not guilty of all of them hehehe although I am guilty of a few. I never leave revision until the last minute - I try and do revision at the beginning of each new week of everything that I have previously studied (only fairly quick revision but it seems to work - most of the time) but I am guilty of putting off revision (and study) that's the old procrastinator in me, showing it's ugly head hehehe. And although I don't usually find revision boring - I do tend to day dream and my mind wonders off with the fairies regularly.
 La la la

Opps back to it. I do also like the over learning idea as I had never actually thought of it before but it makes a lot of sense.

Learning Journal activity 9-3, 9-4 and 9-5: I love the revision strategies discussed on pages 313 - 316 and will incorporate several into my routine of study on a regular basis. Some I already do but there are a few that I will include. I like to make notes but until the last module never had organised notes- but now I will make them organised and colourful and interactive. As I tend to be a more of a right sided brain person - I think adding colour and images to my notes will work for me. I am definitely a creative person therefore  using more colour and vibrancy will enhance my learning.  Also making sure I don't leave anything to the last minute - I don't like doing that with anything in life - the more preparation time that you have - the better the outcome. I am also going to have a go at recording myself with any difficult revision - I think that is a splendid idea.

Another couple of things that I like are drawing up timetables to revise and practising using old exams or made up questions. I like this last idea as I do find when I am on a time limit I tend to stress more - so again practise will help there. I am finding that almost every module of study in Prep Skills for University contains ideas and strategies that would be useful on a personal level as well as for study. I truly belief that I am growing with all of this new and exciting information. Also chunking and writing things out by hand seem appealing to me. Studying to music has always been beneficial to me (particularly because it blocks out any back ground noises) and usually I have to ensure that the music contains no lyrics as anyone who knows me well knows, that I always end up singing along. Therefore the Mozart effect is one I will try.  

Oh boy this will be along post - maybe you should have a morning tea break - go get a cuppa and a sandwich to keep you sustenance up before I get going again.

Activity 9-6, 9-7and 9-9: The four main stages of the memory process are linked to a tree for me as the words start with the letters TRER (I know it's not the actual spelling of tree but it links for me ok) T is for taking in information, the 1st R is for Retaining information, E is for Encoding information and the 2nd R is for Recalling information. And I have a beautiful tree image that is conjured up when I think of the thinking process.

This is a strategy that I am going to use for better memory. Linking items to visual aides using mnemonics, pyramids and patterns. Actually I love all the ideas given. I don't think there are any that would not be useful or beneficial.

Activity 9-8 is going to be interesting - I am going to monitor my memory difficulties for 3 days and then work out strategies to improve them. I will keep you posted on the results.

Ok well that is module 9 completed apart from the Learning portfolio B activities, so I had better get onto that and then think about taking the boys to the show. I do believe I will need a few doses of pain killers before I move though as things are aching. So much for me resting up and putting my feet up for awhile - hmmmmm. Wish me luck - I am supposed to be attending a 40th birthday party tonight as well - so I am not sure how I will go. I think I will just make an appearance and then head for my bed.

Have a great day
talk soon
x joy

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