Friday, May 25, 2012

Week 12

Hello, can you believe that it is week 12 already. Oh boy these 12 weeks have flown by!!!!!!!!And I can happily report that I have completed all tasks and duties for my three courses this term (as long as nothing else gets added next week) Wooooo Hooooo - how good does it feel. I am one happy little Vegemite. This week I had to finalise my Essay writing research essay- which I did, complete a reflective writing - which I did, complete module 5 for computing and do the final assessment - which I did and finally just contribute to the PSU forum - which I did. So I think that I have finished yippee
 This is a photo of my finalised term planner - with everything crossed off as I have finished it. All of the assessments are in red to ensure I didn't miss anything. 
And this it the sum total of information that I have learnt this term. WOW!!!! these folders and books are what I have worked my way through slowly but steadily. The file on the right is my Prep skills folder, then the 3 books in the middle are my Essay writing study guide and reference materials and the folder on the left is my computing study guide. I must say that I am very proud of myself for completing this first term. I am very satisfied that I have done my best and it feels good.

So now I have a little break - although I am going to do some investigating about possible career choices during this rest time. And then I have three weeks until I head off for my next round of surgery on the 15th June. I am going to indulge in my lovely hobby of card making in this next couple of weeks as well. And then I will get back into it with Term 2 studying maths and biology.
I am sure I will be back before then to keep you up to date on everything but if I don't - have a great couple of weeks.
talk soon
x joy  

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  1. Hi Joy

    Congratulations on the completion of your first term, WELL DONE JOY! Now you deserve a break, so put your feet up.

    From Paula