Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ahhhhh holidays

Hello - long time no talk, I hope you are all well - I am thoroughly enjoying my break from studies although I am finding I have been a little lost - feeling like I should be doing something hehehe but it is nice to have a break to clear the head before getting back into it again. I got all of my maths stuff in the post the other day so I will be back into it before I know it. I must say the maths does not look easy - but I am thinking positively and I am determined to do well. It will not beat me - I will take one day at a time and plod away.
I am presuming that the Biology will be a little more like Prep skills and I will get modules every week over the Internet, as nothing has arrived for it so far.
Anyway I am off this week for my third round of surgery for the year (ohhh goody - not) so I should get back at the end of June just before grade certification and term two starting. I am really excited about both - I can't wait to see what my grades are and I am looking forward to getting back into the study again - I am missing it!
So I will talk to you all soon when I am feeling heaps better and full of energy again
have a great couple of weeks
talk soon
x joy

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