Thursday, April 19, 2012

Reflection for week 7

Hello and happy Thursday to you.
I am having a good week - I have got all three of my modules wrapped up today. I just have my oral presentation from last week to do tomorrow. So today I am going to do a little reflection on my essay writing. Boy this is a daunting task - not the reflecting but assessment 3 and 4. I understand it but it is still daunting. I have done my first two 'Let's go' activities and have narrowed down my choice of two problems and I think they are waste and water usage (I think - anyway). I am looking forward to stretching my boundaries with this first assessment. You know I never even knew what an annotated Bibliography was until yesterday when I looked it up in the dictionary hehehe. I kind of knew but not properly. Anyway I really like how this assessment is worked into really simple steps to follow cause that is just like me and my to do lists that I write. I work things out into smaller more manageable pieces and then at the end it becomes a bigger piece. 

I have loved Edward de Bono's six hat thinking as well - it does the same thing really - looks at things in smaller pieces rather than the big picture. I can see it will be really useful in all aspects of life. I am looking forward to putting it into practice with the essay.

Here is my own little hat - a pink hat not like de Bono's but a little tiny paper one, measuring about an inch and a half across. I made it a couple of years ago to wear for a best decorated hat competition. Maybe I should make ones in de Bono's colours to remind me of the thinking skills associated with each colour.

 Ok well that is about all for today. It is home time for the boys from school - so I will go and do some Mothering duties. Plus I need to cook some goodies for tomorrow's morning tea.
Have a great day
talk soon
x joy

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