Monday, April 16, 2012

And back again

It is now nearly one o'clock and I still haven't done nearly as much as I would of liked. You see the boys left at 8.30am then I ran around and did a little bit of housework before I started study at 9.00am then hubby has been home twice today already. The first time was at 10.30 for morning tea and then he was home at 12.00pm for lunch - URGH. And funnily in between his two visits the phone rang once, I had to chase the dog around the yard because he was going pyshco at another dog, I had to visit the the ladies then I had to go and get a glass of water and a couple of panadol for a headache that was creeping up. How is a girl supposed to get things done?

So now I am not going to get interrupted until 2.30pm although when I think about it - that is only one and a half hours away. Still not enough time to achieve all that I wanted to. But I will stop whining and get on with it hehehe.
Ok well I have travelled back in time and reread my first posts from module 1 and looked at the things that I thought would be hurdles for my study and going by first paragraph some things haven't changed hehe. The things that I thought would be troublesome were procrastination, self motivation and computer Internet problems. I have solved the Internet problems and have upgraded to a new usage plan and gone wireless - which is great. But the old procrastination and self motivation are still showing their ugly heads - although not as much as they were.  I still need to set study time aside - set myself up with water, snacks and panadol, take the phone off the hook or put the answering machine on and tell hubby not to come home as much! That should fix the problem hehe - wish me luck!
I loved the video on procrastination - it is so me.  I do exactly what that little man does. I'll just do this before I do that hahaha. I have so gotta get that under control! Maybe I could use a positive affirmation to help - I can sit and study while ignoring all distractions hehehe. Actually I love positive affirmations and have used them for years. I even made a huge poster full of my favourite ones - but now I wonder where that poster is - it used to hang on my craft room wall, I must have a look for it.
Some techniques that I currently use to relax are unwinding in a lovely bubble bath (ahhhh nothing nicer) and when I am fit and healthy (not just yet) I love spending time working in the garden although at the moment I find just sitting in the garden near my water feature reading is a great way of relaxing. Another technique is putting things into perspective and setting priorities by making lists. I find this really helps - it breaks things up into smaller more manageable tasks. I love crossing things off as I go to see that I am achieving something.

HAHAHAHA best laid plans go astray again. I was all set to study till 2.30pm and now the CQU site is down hehehehe that is good old Murphy's law for you isn't it. So I am going to be super resilient and swap my day around and pop to the shop for some fresh fruit and some dinner now and finish with the study when I get back (if the site is back up again).

Talk soon
 x joy
p.s. Why doesn't Mr Blogger think that my hehehe and hahaha are words - he keeps asking me to change them in spell check - get used to it Mr Blogger - I speak the language of hehehe and hahahaha

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