Monday, April 9, 2012

Back into it

Hello and happy Monday to you.
 I hope you all had a lovely Easter - ours was lovely - very quiet and restful but lovely. The Easter Bunny came to everyone here is Smithville - so we must of been good again (although I do wonder sometimes hehe). Although on a very sad note we had to have one of our pussy cats Shiraz put to sleep on Saturday - she was 20 and she had gotten very old very quickly in the last month or so. She lost a heap of weight and was constantly hungry, then on Friday she lost control of her bladder and bowels - very very sad - we had no choice in the end. I wonder sometimes if it is worth having pets - cause you love em sooooo much and it hurts sooooo much when something happens to them. My other pussy cat Sabrina is missing her as well and keeps looking for her. :(

Anyway it is time to get back into study mode today - I have continued to potter over the week off but have not put my full time hours in - so I am ahead but I want to stay that way. I need to prepare my powerpoint assessment, finish my essay writing assessment and get on with Prep which involves an oral presentation next week. So it is just after 9.00am (actually 9.19am) and I intend to spend the day in my little study nook. The kids are going to pop down to Hubby's work and watch a couple of movies on the big screen, which will keep the house quiet, so I can get into it. Ok well I will catch you soon - I know I have to do some reflecting for Essay writing and that is on the agenda for today.
Well have a good day - and if it isn't a good day - make it one - life is too short to be unhappy
talk soon
x joy 

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