Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Week 8

Hello, it's Tuesday today and  I am a little bit late starting this week. This is not an ideal situation in my books - I usually like to get right into study first thing Monday morning however I have just had a combination of being busy and not being very well.
 My busy schedule started last Friday with my oral presentation and morning tea with my lovely paper crafting pals - which was lovely. Then I had to take hubby over to Barcaldine to pick up another Ambulance for his busy weekend schedule. At the moment with my health issues, me and the car are not getting along very well, I think it is all the bounce, bounce, bounce. Anyway I ended up in bed Friday afternoon and night in pain. Then the next two days were busy including a return trip to Barcaldine to take the ambulance back on Sunday. Then on Monday there was a car rally in town and Tania Kernagan and John Paul Young were in it, so I just had to go and have a little look didn't I. Well that was the end of me - I spent all afternoon yesterday in bed in pain. OMG I am so over this body, the sooner I can have surgery the better!!!!!!!!!  

Anyway I am feeling better today, so here I am. Now I have abit to get through this week so had better get into it. I have my annotated bibliography for EWU, spreadsheets in CSU and active reading and listening and my information literacy for PSU. I think the annotated bibliography is the most daunting so I am going to tackle that one first.

I have also got a few things on this week including the kids home from school tomorrow for ANZAC day then I have a hair cut on Thurs and Doctors apps on Friday. So I have to juggle the study in between these things. Ok well I had better go and get into it and stop procrastinating.

Have a great day,
talk soon
x joy
Thought I would share a little photo that I took of JPY yesterday - he is very charming and charismatic.
I was singing 'Love is in the air la la la' all after noon hehehe 

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