Monday, April 16, 2012

Module 7 - Stress management and resilience

Hello again, I'm back as promised. I knew I was going to be journaling and reflecting today - I had a sneak peak at this module last night so I knew what I was doing today. So here we go:

The stress quiz was very accurate for me (at the moment anyway - I wonder if I had done it last week with the video uploading, if it would of come out differently hehe) anyway I got a score of 37 today and it said that I had a good balance which is most of the time for me. I do think that I can cope with stress most of the time - it is just the odd time when things get too much that I don't. So really I think the test was very accurate.

I love the images of 'first world problems' - talk about putting life in perspective. They made me giggle but really when you think about it, we all do it to a degree and it may not seem like it at the time but a majority of our problems are 'first world problems' - just like my 'my video won't upload to youtube' moment.  Really I am lucky that I have a video camera to play with anyway and the computer to try and upload it on and then the electricity to run the computer and the money to afford the electricity and and and . . . . . . . . . . .  I should be thinking of all the things in life that I am grateful for and the learning opportunities that are ahead of me instead of whinging that I can't get something to work for me!

I love the table of managing stress - I think that I will photocopy it and put it above my desk. Don't sweat the small stuff is one that I really like. I have the book Don't sweat the small stuff. . .  and it's all small stuff by Richard Carlson (1997) and I read it all the time. It is a great little tool for putting life into perspective - it's just hard remembering it all when you need it most. I really like the idea of putting  strategies into your everyday life that way they are already in place for when you need it. I think I need to do that - perhaps I could include some quiet listening to  music time each day. I also need to set realistic goals for myself - sometimes I expect way too much.

This then brings me to the the Stress is making Australia sick article - very interesting reading. As a society we tend to push ourselves further and higher constantly - this article emphasizes that it is not good for us. We need to take control and find measures to keep our stress under control. One person is only capable of achieving so much within each day and although we need to limit procrastination and time wasting, we need to limit how much we take on in life.

Rather than make this a marathon blog post I am going to finish this one here and start a new post. That way if I am rambling on a bit you can take a break from reading hehehe. Also I need to go back and look at module one now and reflect on what changes that I was going to put into practise and see if I have followed through with those changes.   

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