Saturday, April 14, 2012

Best laid plans go astray

Hello and happy Saturday to you.
 I hope you have had a good couple of days. I have been having fun. I have filmed my oral presentation and was going to upload it to YouTube  to get feedback that way for something different  - but it hasn't happened - URGH. I have done a great deal of talking in front of people in my life so thought that I would try it this way for a change. But here I am on Saturday and I haven't managed to upload it - so I am giving up on that front and I am now going to organise an oral presentation with some friends (look out girls - the invites will be coming - run for the hills hehe).

I am dissappointed with myself and technology but I can't get upset I just have to get on with it. You see I have been very organised and finished each module on the Friday of that week but this week I am going to be late.

I filmed the presentation with no problems, uploaded it to the computer with a few hiccups then it all went down hill from there. This is a new video camera and it is a little trickier than my old one.  It took for ever to understand the instructions on how to upload to the pc then I realised that I had to change the format into a readable one for YouTube. Which I did using a trial download but the video  ended up with the company's watermark in the middle of the screen. I also had to downsize the file which I did several times and that took 40 mins each time. Anyway I soldiered on and tried uploading but it just isn't gunna happen at this stage. Each time I tried uploading it took over 120mins and then at the end told me it was corupt or aborted ARGH major frustration - I can tell you!!!!!!!!!

So I have given up for now and will do a proper oral presentation. Serves me right for thinking out side the box and trying to do something different. Usually I am a strictly inside the box girl so I was trying to expand my horizones hehe. I think I would actually prefer to do the presentation in a class on Uni - I am envying the internal students as they don't have to gather an audience - you have a audience already.

Ok well I am off to go get some housework done as this place looks like a bomb has hit it. With the boys being on school holidays and here all day and me not doing anything other than study or working out this stupid camera - it is soooo bad. So -  high ho, high ho, it's off to do housework I go

talk soon
x joy

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