Friday, July 27, 2012

Where has the time gone - the end of week 4 already

Well hello there,
Oh my goodness I am so sorry that I have not been around - life in Smithville has been keeping me busy and out of mischief. You see my Mum arrived last Wednesday for a four week visit and I have been trying very hard to make sure she doesn't feel neglected hehe. I have been dividing my time between study, housework and spending time with her and my three (1big and 2 little) boys.
So here we are in week 4 of term two and I have been busy with my studies. Maths is certainly stretching the old thinking skills however I am enjoying it and I seem to be getting most of it. This week I have spent doing the first half of Algebra which believe it or not has actually been fun. Then I have spent a whole day just doing revision, which was also great to do. I went back over all of the PowerPoint videos that have made up the modules and I was really happy with how much has and had sunk in. I will continue to do this to reinforce what I learn. I got 95% for my first end of module test - silly me wrote one problem down with a 4 instead of 14 and I got my positives and negatives mixed up on another - both learning experiences though.

Then biology is also fun. I have not studied Biology before and I really enjoy what it all about. I purchased myself a couple of text books, one basic Biology and one (rather flash) Anatomy and Physiology book, not because I had to but because I wanted to. I am finding it all very fascinating. At the moment we are looking at tissue. Having already looked at Organisms, ecology and now the A and P of organisms. We have covered Organ systems, organs and then next week we are delving deeper into cells. All absolutely fascinating.

It really makes it so much easier to study when you are doing something that you enjoy. I am not finding any of this hard work or a chore because I am looking forward to it (at the moment) I do hope it stays that way and nothing changes. I must say that sometimes I am enjoying my studies so much that I forget that I have to my other Mum and Wife duties (opps). I am trying to make sure I still focus on them but once I get absorbed it is hard to put the books down and walk away. Last term I was having trouble with procrastination - but not this term. But I have to get a balance happening. 

  I have started my Biology essay that is due in week 8 and I am thinking how lucky I was to do Essay writing last term as I am just following my final assessment steps for EWU to write this essay. I have already Analysed my topic, done a cluster map, written a Thesis statement and written down my main ideas. It is not daunting at all (at this stage). I have chosen The biological concept of Homeostasis as my topic. I liked both choices but this one seemed a little more interesting to me.

So that has pretty much got me up to date with all of my study stuff. I have my eldest sons birthday on Monday, he is turning 14 - OMG already I wish he was still little!!!!!!! He is definitely experiencing teenagehood (is there such a word hehehe well if not I just made it up)and it is keeping us busy. We are trialling a little project for him and his Dad to undertake. They have brought a small second hand car to play with and do up. Frankie loves working on cars so it will be great for both of them - however poor Frankie is time poor already with working a stressful '24hr a day 8 days on at a time' job (paramedic) and renovating our old Queenslander house and now doing up a car.

Ashley is having a couple of friends over for  a movie night to celebrate his birthday - so I am really looking forward to that hehehehe last time he had friends over they insisted on watching a scary movie and I ended up having to sit with them as they all got soooo scared and there was so much screaming happening. I actually hate scary movies myself but sat through it commenting on how good the special effects were and talking about how the directors  may of made it look so real. I guess I was I party pooper but at least it stopped the screaming. And I had them all commenting on how it could of been made.

Ok well I had better go and shut the house up for the night as the temperature is dropping (hahaha now if that was the human body that the temperature was dropping in good old Homeostasis would kick in  and get the body to warm itself up again - I think I have become a study geek hehehe)
Ok well I will talk again soon
I will have to pop over to my other life -  being a card maker sometime over the weekend as I have not posted anything on my other blog for soooo long.
but until next time
take care
x joy

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  1. Hi Joy

    So glad to see you have blogged this week, I have had nothing to read. Wish Ashley a 'Happy Birthday' for me. Talk to you soon.

    From Paula