Monday, July 9, 2012

Term Two Week Two

Hello and a hearty, happy Monday to you (actually I think I must be only writing this for my benefit as I'm not sure anyone is still reading hehehe anyway I don't mind - I often ramble on to myself  so it is no different to that and besides I get the benefit of some positive thinking and reflecting ) - but if you are still reading pop me a comment and say hi so I can come by your blogs and say hi to you.

Anyway here I am week two, term two. I am all up to date and half way through the maths module for this week and my poor little old brain in doing crazy, whirly things cause there is soooooo much info, it isn't funny hehehehe
I am getting all of the concepts ok but I am sooooo worried that I won't remember them all. I will try and do lots of revision and see how I go.

And then we get to Biology hehehe I answered last weeks - How am I progressing questions and my lecturer got back to me today and said I was on the right track but I had to expand on my answers for practice on tests etc. hehehehe oh boy oh boy, If I hadn't done my last term, I would probably be thinking that this is all too much for me but I do know that this is to be expected and it will all settle down as I get further into the term hehehehe ( I hope anyway) otherwise you will be seeing a lot more of that little whirly brain fellow here.

Ok well it is freezing cold here today and I think I will go and have a nice hot shower and get into my nice comfy flannie jammies early. And then I have three hungry boys to feed.
Have a great whatever you may be doing.
talk soon
x joy 
Ps a special thinking of you to my lovely card blogging pal - Wilma who is very sick at the moment. I am thinking of you Wilma and hoping everything goes well for you x x x x x x x x x 


  1. Hi Joy

    How are you? I am still here reading your blogs and I find them very interesting. Keep blogging!

    From Paula

    1. Hi Paula, so glad you are still with me and I haven't bored you to death hehehe yet!!!!!!! talk soon x joy

  2. Hello Joy
    Wendy here! I like to check in on your blog whenever I can and see how you are doing. Hope Term 2 is going well :-)

  3. Hi Wendy, Lovely to hear from you. Term two is going well and I have just started putting my essay writing skills into practice with biology. I hope all is going well for you. talk soon x joy