Monday, October 8, 2012

Ahhhhhh term 2 done and dusted

Do you hear that sigh of relief?
That's me relaxing.
Boy oh boy has it been a big week!
But I have survived and now live to tell the tale.
it really wasn't that hard but I stressed myself out
and ended up feeling the pressure.
I did as I planned in my last post and scheduled specific study time for both Biology and Maths but I just got myself all stressed and I am not sure if I overloaded with the study or not. But I guess we just have to wait and see what results I get. The maths test was my first proper sit down timed test and I did feel the pressure of that. I thought that I would of done it in way under 3 hours (after doing the practise test) but was super surprised when our supervisor said "30 minutes left ladies"
eeeeeekkkkkk I felt like I had only just started, and that I had pages and pages left to do. But I calmed myself and tried to just stay focused and I did get to the end although I now know that I missed going back to one question. I also found that I got over whelmed and I just couldn't focus properly. Anyway I did my best at the time and will just wait and see how I did.
But now I have a few weeks to take a deep breath and relax for a little while. I am going to focus on the family and myself and enjoy it. I am planning on spending time doing some crafting which I have been missing during term and some time doing the house work leisurely because I seem to just do it all quickly with no attention to detail while I am studying - so it will be like a spring clean.
I must make comment on one thing that has happened during my studies that goes back to term one in Prep skills. While doing my assessment test A  all those weeks ago I made comment about me cutting back on volunteer work and I wondered how that would go over in this small community. Up until I started this course I had done a huge variety of volunteer duties that took up a considerable amount of time. Well I have cut back and boy oh boy have I copped and  am I still copping flack for it. It seems that some of the people who I thought of as friends have turned out to be just using me for what I would do for them rather than being true friends. And now that I no longer run around doing allsorts of things for other people - these people do not even talk to me. Luckily I can sit back and laugh - it is sooo funny because some do not talk to me at all - full stop - not even a hello and how are you - they just hang their head and walk past. I like to think of it as hanging their head in shame because I have done nothing wrong except wanting to better myself. I guess thats the sort of thing that happens in a small town.
Anyway I still have lots of lovely friends so I am not overly bothered about these narrow minded people but I do wonder what goes on in their heads in terms of justifying their behavour.
It is even funnier when I consider one person who did not speak to me at all until she realised she wanted to borrow something from me. hehehehe it gives me and hubby a laugh anyway. I like to try and stay positive in life - sometimes it is hard with people like this around you. And despite it all - I will not go back to the way things were. I am loving study (even with the pressure of tests).
Ok well on that note - I am off to go play
I will keep you updated on my results for term 2 when they arrive.
talk soon
x joy


  1. Hi Joy

    Congratulations and well done for completing Term 2! You deserve a break now and especially craft time. I wish I had the inspiration to get into it again. I really miss our craft days. Anyway have fun and I will be watching your blog for your creations.

    From Paula

    1. Thanks Paula, I am just about to upload some of my play time creations - so the fun has already began - we will have to get together and have a play with craft x joy

  2. Hi Joy
    i just thought I would check in with your blog to see how the term had finished up for you. Congratulations on getting through so well. Maths and everything :-)
    I'm very impressed with your positive attitude and resilience as well! Go you :-)

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments Wendy, I hope you are enjoying your term break x joy