Thursday, April 18, 2013

Week 7, with week 8 popping its head round the corner

Good Morning,
a hearty, healthy, happy hello to you all.
It's Thursday in Smithville today - where is the time going?
It seems I start one week and before I have had a blink of an eye, it is the next week already.
The time is flying by
and if it continues the way that it is I will be finished this degree before I know it.
Not that I want it to hurry up and end or anything, cause I  am enjoying it sooooo much.
The human brain would have to be the most amazing thing on earth.
It is fascinating and the more you think about it the more fascinating it becomes.
I am finding all the study so far rather easy in that I am loving it so much, it is not a chore to sit down and do it.
However the stressful part comes into play when it comes to remembering all that I have to remember - my brain is swimming!
There is a whole new language to learn - the language of psychology and it is not simple.
Yesterday I was having a conversation with someone and they asked me about my OP or rank and I was trying to tell them that I have received a Grade Point Average (GPA) but do you think I could recall what it was called - hahahaha I musta looked a bit dumb hehehehe.
Here I am studying a university undergraduate program but I can't remember the term GPA .
Anyway I gotta laugh and I am sure my brain will settle the more I do.
That reminds me of something that I have found during this past year.
When I first started studying I had trouble concentrating, reading and focusing.
But I have discovered that the more I do, the better I get.
hahaha go figure!!!! Isn't that what I was told at school all those years ago.
I can now sit for hours reading, note taking and concentrating.
I still have trouble focusing in that I sense way too many distractions within my environment. It drives me nutters, I can be studying away and then something will drive me to distraction. Yesterday Hubby was home and  he knew that I had to spend the day studying and he tried really hard to not be annoying but he drove me crazy hehehehe, firstly sneaking into my study area to find his wallet, then something else, then something else ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!
He is very supportive and I am very lucky but as much as he wants me to study he also wants me to be there to do all the fun things we did. So I have to major focus on study while still paying my main man some attention. It has to be a balancing act.
So here we are nearly week 8 - only four weeks of teaching left before exam period is upon us.
Each week I submit answers to 3 lots of focus questions and on Sunday (or was it Monday - I can't remember what day of the week it is anymore) I submitted my first larger assessment piece and now I am starting to get heavier into my next one. That is going to be my major focus for the next few days.
Although before I get into anything today I need a coffee!
And for those of you that know me well - will go COFFEE what the ????????
Joy never drinks coffee!
Well times are a changin' here in Smithville hehehe
After suffering with a horrendous headache for three days that laid me up in bed for two, I have decided I need to take a much more active approach in my health and well being.
The headache all began Friday when I consumed 7 (yes I said 7) coke zero's along with hardly any water. I could feel the head ache coming on but I just ignored it and carried on chatting and going about life as normal. But by Saturday morning my head felt like a freight train was chugging straight through my frontal lobes. URGH - I carried on but ended up out for the count - it dropped me on my bum.
So I started thinking about what I had done on Friday that could of caused such a beauty of a headache. I started thinking about some MSG that I had consumed via some very tasty morsels, then was it being in the sun with no hat but in the end I admitted that perhaps the 7 coke zeros had something to do with it hehehehe
So to cut a rather long winded story short I am now adding giving up caffeine to my healthy eating and walking lifestyle. Hence the coffee drinking - I am switching to coffee for my caffeine hit and then (because I don't find having a hot drink as much fun as a nice cold, icy drink) I will cut it down to nil caffeine intake.
Wish me luck!!!!!
Ok well you have a great day 
I sure intend to - my day is all about consciousness today
Not my consciousness directly (I will be awake hehehe) but consciousness in general and it's altered states - fascinating!
talk soon
x joy

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