Thursday, October 3, 2013


Hello and happy Thursday to you,
I have just sat my first big exam for the term and thought that I would come here and reflect and in the process cleanse the mind so that I can get stuck into study for my second exam next Wednesday.
I am so glad that I got this exam out of the way first - Professional Practice and if you remember from my last post - I did not really enjoy the course at all. It was very content heavy and required so much time to try and get my head around everything that you had to learn for the exam. Sooooooo very glad it is over!!!!!!!!
Not sure how I went - I felt like I was brain dead, so I will have to wait and see.
Anyway I now have to knuckle down and get stuck into study for Social Foundations of Psychology - I really enjoyed that content, so will find study much easier.
I have the boys on school holidays, so it has been fun trying to juggle them being home as well as study but we have managed ok. Although Benji is bored silly!!!!!! It is his birthday on Monday, so we are taking him over to Emerald for a couple of days tomorrow as a birthday treat. We will get to go to the movies and eat at Macca's , which is always fun to do when you don't get to do it very often.
My plan is to take my study gear with me and study at night, or while the boys are in the pool. So that I don't fall behind. I want to re watch all lectures and undertake practise quizzes before Wednesday, so it might be a tight schedule.
Then I have a couple of weeks off before term 3 starts. I am doing two subjects over the Christmas term. So I won't be so bogged down. Looking forward to that. Although I have my lovely sisters wedding at the beginning of November so really should start thinking about organising getting down to Brisbane for that - I haven't even had a chance to think that far in advance yet.
Ok well I am going to clear off my desk and start the study role again all afresh. I will need to download the lectures that I want to watch while we are away, so I have them on hand and don't have to use up precious mega bites of my portable wifi .
I hope you have a happy day, talk soon
x joy 

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