Sunday, November 13, 2016

Well I did it!!!

Not sure if anyone is still interested lol but I have achieved my first dream - little "old" me has graduated with a Bachelor of Psychological Science with distinction. Such a happy day - after four years of full time study I increased my education level from a year 10 high school finish to that of a University Graduate. But that is not the end of my study - I am loving it all so much that I am continuing on and am now half way through an honours program. End goal is to practice as a psychologist and help people to understand the link between their mind, their behaviour and outcomes in life.
So once I have the honours program completed I will apply for a masters program or undertake a two year supervised provisional role. Still seems like a long way to go but I have come so far and these next few years will fly by just like the last four have.
Moral of the story - reach for your dreams - because if I can do it - so can you!! Absolutely anything is possible.

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