Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another post already

Hello again,
I know it was only a little while ago that I last posted but I want do my first activity so here I am again. So here I have to answer a few little questions that I didn't cover in my last post. I have already said that I am feeling scared and over whelmed about starting this course but I failed to add that I am also very excited about it all. For years I have dreamt of doing well at school and I have wanted to do something along these lines for ages - it was the Uni camp that got me thinking that I actually could do something. While at camp I really enjoyed the Sonography component so have thought that is the way that I will go once I have completed this starting course but I am also open to learning and investigating just what is available out there in the big world of study and see if anything else suits me better.
Challenges that I think I have to face is something that I have put some thought into. I have time but self motivation is an area that I may struggle with. I have heaps of support from my Hubby and boys so there is no problem there. I have been thinking of ways to keep me motivated and really I think this comes back to the topic I discussed in my 1st posting about being scared - I am seriously nervous about everything. However if I think back I know that I am capable of over coming nervousness and am able to succeed at something that I set my mind to. I will need to remember this and draw on it to get me through.

I am really excited about being able to stretch myself intellectually and discover what I can achieve when I focus. While at school (all those years ago) I focussed on having fun and struggled to try and fit in, basically trying to be something that I was not. The energy that this took up was exhausting. I therefor had no energy left to study but also a huge contributing factor to my not doing well at school was that I didn't have any ambition. I grew up knowing that I would just get a mundane job. The idea of further education after school was never mentioned or discussed, I guess it was just out of the question and I accepted that. I never thought about it being a possibility nor did I want to extend my education. I did not enjoy school, so was eager to get out of there as soon as I could. However these days I often find myself missing something. I dream about completing year 12 and even cry while watching the cermonies of the year 12's graduating each year at my son's school. I want more than just being a Mum and Wife (both of which I love being) but I want something for me - to stretch myself, to learn new skills, to find out what I am good at. The thought of all this is so exciting to me and in itself will be a great inspiration to me. I am so eager to begin my journey.
Ok thats all for now, I think
talk soon x joy

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