Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Week 2

Hello and happy Tuesday to you,
It is a rainy old day here in Blackall, perfect indoor weather,
 perfect for sitting here at my fishbowl (what I call my windows above my desk). I can work away while watching the rain come down - it is very peaceful.
Well I got through week 1 and now am successfully getting through week 2 schedules even when I played hooky yesterday to have a well deserved break and had moring tea with my lovely friends.
 It was full on getting back into 3 courses after doing only one course last term but I like being busy and it is filling each day lovely. I definately need to do all six hours each day that the boys are at school and then some more after they have settled into homework. I have been jotting down how many hours I spend each day and to complete all duties that where expected of me last week - I spent a total of 37.5 hours which is exactly 12.5 hours for each course. I realise I will probably need to spend more with assessments but if I do them as I go along - I will be fine.
Ok well I am off to go cook some dinner for my boys - I probably need to think about exactly what we will be having first hehehehe I hope there is something in the cupboard (or will I be like old mother Hubbard).
Have a great day.
talk soon
x joy

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