Tuesday, March 13, 2012

An amazing discovery

Hello again,
It is still Tuesday and I am still working on my Prep Skills for week 3 and I have just finished my next little activity in my study guide all about Intelligence. Hmmmmm this has certainly given me some things to think about.

I have grown up thinking that Intelligence was something that only a few super human people possessed. It was something that they (the lucky few) were born with. An ability to gather and recall knowledge from everything they did and saw. In my mind I have never considered myself to have great intelligence, in fact sometimes I have believed myself to be below average. Not coming anywhere near these smart people. I remember taking part, several years ago, in a national IQ test that was broadcast on TV. I followed the test properly and gained a score of around 93, which told me I was of average intelligence. I remember being really happy with the results because I wasn't 'stupid'.

That has been until recently - I don't know exactly when but I have found lately I have been thinking about how people become who they are and what they know. For example I watch a great little show on the ABC called Time Team. In this show they look at area's that are thought to be of historical importance and the team dig the area to see what they discover. On this show they call upon the knowledge of several experts to help solve the mysteries of the area. These experts have the most amazing knowledge - they can look at a little chip of pottery and tell where it was made and when it was made along with all sorts of amazing facts. These experts where not born with this information already imbedded in their brain, like a USB plugged in with all the information ready at hand. They learnt it! And they didn't just learn it by reading the back of a cereal box, they have spent years reading, listening, researching and investigating all aspects of their chosen field. So really when you look at it this way - any one of us can become an expert. As long as we have the time and the desire to study our chosen field. Absolutely anyone (well nearly anyone) has the ability to be an expert in absolutely any field they choose. How amazingly exciting is that!!!!!!!  

I will note that some people do have an ability to learn a little easier than some and obviously learning will come easier to them. But with time and effort we all have the ability to learn new things. I don't know about you but I am excited about that concept!

Ok well I am off to go refuel my brain by way of a sandwich, all this thinking is making me hungry
talk soon
x joy

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  1. Joy, I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying following your blog! Your enthusiasm and joy in study is an inspiration :-)