Thursday, March 8, 2012

Learning Journal Activity 2-2

The Hero’s Journey: Reflective Writing

1.  The Ordinary world

My ordinary world has until now involved some dreams, vivid dreams that I revisit over and over, most nights. These dreams involve me going to school and completing my Year 11 and 12 studies. I see myself proudly standing at the Graduation Ceremony holding tightly to my Certificate of Completion. I am happy in these dreams, so happy I am crying with joy.

These dreams are not my reality; in reality I didn’t complete these final years of schooling. I didn’t want to do them. I couldn’t wait to get out of school and away from the place. In reality it took forever until I was 14, and to the end of year 10, the point at which I could go my own way. I didn’t enjoy school. I struggled with what I now know to be a normal part of growing up, trying to find out who I was and where I fitted in. I spent so much time on this that I never studied. Why would I study when I was only ever going to get an ordinary job, perhaps in a supermarket when I finished. What skills would I need for that?

Thirty years on and I now have these dreams. Something is missing in my life. But what is it? I fill each and every day completely, with the day to day running of a household with a happy family in it. All housework is done, I help with homework, I bake delicious afternoon treats and meals and I spend a great deal of time doing all sorts of volunteer activities. I love my life, but there is just a little something not there.

2. The call to adventure

That was until I went on a University camp with my then 12 year old son, with his school. The camp was aimed at getting these grade 7 children involved in starting to think about Uni following their Year 12 studies. Little did they or I know that they would light a candle of excitement for my future. I came away from that camp so excited. I was bouncing off the walls with excitement. My Hubby must have thought I had gone crazy. I talked non-stop for days about all the wonderful things that I had seen and done.

I had never had any contact of any sort with a University before. I had always thought that it was something for the super elite, a small group of people who had extraordinary knowledge. I had no idea it was such a rich learning environment that could nurture an average person, like myself, and guide them into further education.

A few days after our return from the camp, I made contact with the camp organiser, Robyn and discussed my excitement. Robyn suggested that I do some research and investigate the STEPS program at CQUni. Which I did and the things I discovered made me all the more excited. This was my call to adventure – I applied and to my delight I was accepted. And so my journey began.

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