Thursday, March 22, 2012

Did you miss me

It has seen all of about 30mins since I was last here but here I am again this time looking at Team work. I have found all of this section interesting as well (no boring learning here I can tell you).
 You see I have been a part of many a group and teams in my life time and I have never sat and looked at what makes a good group - yes I have known some of it but  have not put much thought into it so all the ideas were great to see written down. It is so easy to let things distract you in group meetings and run over time, let others dominate etc etc. I partically like the ideas about checking progress and ground rules - as it is easy to just get into it and then discover something is just not working.

Being a good listener is also another topic that I found interesting as you don't tend to think about it in any great detail in day to day life. I like to think that I am a good listener but have to admit that I do zone out when something doesn't interest me. And I must say that I hate it when someone doesn't look at you when you are talking (yes my darling Hubby I am talking about you hehe) so I do always try to do that.

Ok well it is 2pm and I haven't had any lunch yet so better go feed the brain (and the belly) I still have a little more to go in this module so I will have to get back into it again after a break.
talk soon
x joy

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