Wednesday, March 7, 2012

See I told you that I would be back again

Hello again, it is still Wednesday, in fact it is only a few short moments since I last wrote here but I am back again. I have just finished reading Module 1 and it has given me some very important things to think about. I hadn't really given much thought to these things so I am now going to explore these area's.

Am I making connections between prior learning experiences and my experience in this course so far? Hmmmm definately I am making connections between the two although it has been an awful lot of years since I last learnt any of this stuff. And I think that I can confidently say that some things have changed their names over the years. I must also admit that some of the basic stuff has really been lost. I remember Nouns as naming words, verbs as doing words and adjectives as describing words, but remembering what words are what is making the grey matter work hard! And then we go further with auxiliary verbs, complete verbs etc etc blah blah blah - no wonder I'm confused hehehe

I have always enjoyed writing. I often sit and write, either blogging, writing letters (yes some of us still do it), my own journalling and even writing the odd poem (usally only for my eyes only and even sometimes just in my head). But going through what I have in this module it is making me second guess what and how I write. I feel I need to go back and revise everything that I have learnt and get to know it a little better to help with my confidence levels.

Everything that we have learnt is going to be useful in not only my future studies but also in life as well. I read yesterday that I can use 'me' after someone else's name i.e. Ashley and Me. I have spent 40+ years thinking that I always had to say 'Ashley and I'. (apart from those few days when my Brother in Law Michael tried going through it with me and I couldn't understand - Sorry Michael). I now know that it is perfectly ok to use it at the appropiate times.

I also learnt about superscript and subscript on Monday. I have gone years wondering how to do that - but now I know. And I even know that super is the above script, as in Superman and sub is the under script as in submarine. Is any one following what I am saying or is this just the raving of someone who is 'brain dead' and delerious hehehehe.

Have I changed as a person - yessiree!!!!! I am feeling much more analytical. I am reading and rereading stuff to get the meaning, sometimes still not taking it in, but I am taking much more notice.

Ok well that will be all of my ramblings for now. I am off to go feed the troops.
talk soon
x joy 

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