Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Jung Typology Results

Hello and Happy Thursday to you,
Well today I am doing my Prep skills for University Module 4. I started it yesterday but as you know I was not having a very good day, so I ended up needing to have some time out. And in the process of taking that time out I have made a profound discovery. Well profound to me anyway - don't get too excited. You see I undertook the Jung Typology Test yesterday and I got the result of ISFJ but it just didn't ring true with the results for me. While reading the descriptions my responses were that it was only kinda like me. It just didn't fit properly, just didn't feel right.

So this morning with my fresh new brain in place after a good nights sleep and not feeling so emotional and weary I undertook the test again. And guess what -  my result today was INFJ -  do you hear the bells ringing and the drums banging - well I do cause the description was ME exactly ME. It was one of those moments in life when you go "oh duh that is why I do that" hehe. It was very profound - wow. I could see myself staring back at me. I love interacting with people but also do like and need some "me peace and quiet time - alone with my thoughts" and sometimes my personality does puzzle even me. I hate superficial interactions and ofter find myself sensing peoples intentions with what and how they are doing things. I like organisation and I do love to write - I have always kept journals in one form or another (and I still have them all - I can't throw any of them out as they are a link into my innermost thoughts and help me to make sense of the world). And I am definately a Doer as well as A Dreamer!

Back to the sensing of others intentions - that is very profound for me cause I have always done this and have really questioned myself for doing it. Usually feeling uncomfortable with what I was thinking but not knowing how I was thinking it. And on occassion I have talked with other people about it and it has been dismissed as "how would you know that".

So all in all it has been a very informative session so far for me and I am only half way through the module. Thinking about the impact of these personality traits and how they might impact on my study and learning, at this stage I can only see benefits however I do want to spend some more time looking and thinking about the results and I am sure that will bring some more insight into any weakness'.

Ok well I am off to go do my next activity so I am sure that I will be back a little later.
talk soon
x joy  

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