Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Eager Beaver's Guide to Study

Hello and happy Thursday to you, What's all this Eager Beaver rubbish I hear you ask. Well I have decided today that my learning style is 'The Eager Beaver' style. Why Eager Beaver - well after writing down all my study and learning skills I thought the little beaver was a good way to describe them all. And then when I added my eagerness to the equation, it became Eager Beaver. hehehe

You see Beaver's are very creative, work alone or with others, they are motivated, organised. they love interesting facts (well maybe interesting sticks) and I am sure they must love talking and listening (how could they do so much work without chatting about it). Although I do believe they need a little work on time management, cause they just keep on working. Also perhaps need work on considering alternatives - cause really they could just call in a dam building company and have that thing up in no time. (oh and I forgot to mention they are cute - as I am cute as well as everything else HAHA)
 So this little fella is me:

I am going to build my dam!
So time management and considering alternatives are two area's I need to work on and this week's module 2 for Prep for Uni has certainly given me some skills in the area of time management. And I have already used one of the new techniques today - saying no to someone when I was asked to help. We can only do so much and as my goals are very important to me so I am sticking to my guns. The considering alternatives is one area that I do need to pay a little attention to as sometimes I think of the first thing that pops into my head and run with it - I need to investigate different ideas more.

I have spent some time thinking about my goals today with Module 2 and I now have some very SMART goals. My first short term goal is to successfully finish my three courses in the allowed 12 period ensuring that I complete each weeks module by Friday of that week. My medium term goal is to successfully finish the STEPS program in Feb next year. And my long term goals are then to be able to enroll in an undergraduate program at the end of STEPS and finish that inwith in five years.

My Hero's Journey activity that I did before this post has really helped me to list some of the things that I want to achieve with my Uni studies. I want to make up for having not done any higher education earlier in my life and to prove something to myself. I know that I am able to do this and I will complete these studies. I am setting myself up for success. My little craft room is now set up as my craft/study room. It is my own private haven. The boys know that when the door is closed that I am studying and only to disturb me if something is important.

I think all the things that I have already covered are the only threats or problems that I will face (that I can think of now anyway) and I think I have already started thinking of them as just challenges and opportunities to learn. Any problem that is acknowledged makes you aware of it and then you are more able to solve it or work around it.

The last thing I want to talk about today is a Time Management Hero that I have had for a while now. This person achieves so much in her life - I sometimes wonder just how she does it all. But I have sat back and looked and listened and noticed that she has very effective time management skills. She makes lists, uses diaries, delegates and most importantly - gets jobs done! She also stays up very late at night which is just something that I cannot do - after all us Eager Beavers need our sleep.

Ok well thats all my ramblings for today
I hope you have achieved as much as I have today
talk soon
x joy 

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