Monday, March 19, 2012

Welcome to week 4

 it's Monday morning again already - I feel like it was only Monday yesterday but here we are again. Gee I hope the whole year doesn't go this fast otherwise it will be Christmas before we know it.

Well as planned I had my nice, blissful, relaxing weekend and I feel fresh and ready to go today (I think anyway). I have had a slight complication with my surgery last month but it not anything that will stop me studying, however I am not firing on all cylinders as I would like.

I have two assessments due this week, one for Essay Writing and the other for Computing - it is abit scary but I am hoping to be well prepared for both. I forgot to tell you that I did complete my very first assessment for Prep skills last week and I got 95% which I am pleased about although I am kicking myself as the question that I got wrong was one that I didn't look up as I thought I knew the answer (another lesson to myself in the making I think). It was a question about where do you find details of course descriptions and I thought it was online but it is actually in the student handbook. I will always remember that now won't I hehehe.

Ok so I am coming to the end of module 2 in Essay writing hence the assessment due this week and my study guide wants me to reflect on a few little things - so here goes. Firstly how do I feel about moving towards the arena of academic writing? Hhhhmmmm well I still do not feel great confidence in this area but I am certainly gaining some skills in this department.  I really have only ever written in the first and second person before with writing only really being for me and a few other people, so writing in the third person really is something very new. As is the acedemic paragraph but I am starting now to understand it all. My confidence is growing with the conventions that module 2 has given me although I will need to do revision, revision and some more revision for it to become clearer. It is really funny because I know that I am changing as a person as I undertake these writing activities, I now find myself looking at writing very differently. I read articles and try and identify the conventions that have been used. Although it hasn't changed my blogging style - I still just ramble on with what ever comes to mind hehehe.

I am excited about the week ahead even with the assessments that are due - this is all so very interesting. And each time I find myself overwhelmed I am trying to look at the bigger picture and tell  myself that I just need to work a little  harder and then I will be able to understand whatever it is I am struggling with. Like when I was looking at the activity 2-10 which is part of my Essay Writing assessment. When I first looked at it -  boy -  my first thought was that I couldn't do it but I thought I will just read it all through and give it a go and then sit back and look at it from there and then make any changes it needed until it was ok. And at this point I have a paragraph that is resembling kind of ok, to work with, so now I just have to play and polish it up. hehehe I just saw another lesson to myself - break it down and work slowly. I love this reflecting writing!!!!

So tomorrow will be spent doing some computing work in readiness for that assessment and then I will spend some more time polishing my paragraphs. Fancy that  - me polishing paragraphs - I spent my childhood (well some of it anyway) polishing my Mum's beloved brass collection, so polishing sentences will be easy compared to spending hours rubbing on the 'Brasso' and polishing it up.

Ok well I am sure I will see you over the next few days as I prepare for these assessments.
So have a good day and if it isn't a good day - try and make it one
talk soon
x joy

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