Thursday, March 22, 2012

Back again

Hello, it's still Thursday and I am still working through my Module 4 for PSU and I am now looking at The Five Study Skill Components (Cottrell, S 2008 The Study Skills Handbook 3rd edn p. 26), Self Awareness and Self Evaluation, Awareness of what is required, Methods, organisation, strategies, Confidence and permission and Familiarity: practice and habit. This is interesting when you break study down into these five sub skills and look at them. And as I have touched on before nearly everyone has the ability to learn, but how well they learn is something different. Mastering these sub skills is basically cutting things up into small more managable pieces and working with it. If you can be successful at this you can succeed in any learning that you put your mind to.

In relation to giving myself permission to learn without feeling guilty is something that I definately have to overcome . In my mind all my life you had to be smart to go to Uni, it wasn't for the average person. Although I am slowly over coming this especially in the last few weeks, though I am finding that this notion is also coming from outside sources as well. So I not only need to continue to  work through the negative feelings for myself but to block these outside influences. I am capable of being successful at not only study but anything else that I choose to undertake in life. I am learning wonderful new skills that will help me to identify what skills I need to succeed at anything.

But also I do already have a lot of skills. I have been very successful at various roles and  careers in my life. And it's funny how when you are a Mother and Wife you can tend to forget these skills. I guess that while in the work force you are constantly made aware of your skills as you undertake day to day runnings of business. You have more focus on them, for instance if you are asked to facilitate a meeting - you know you can do it as you have done it heaps of times before or you need to evaluate figures - you know you can do it as you do it everyday. But being out of the everyday working environment it is easy to forget these skills - yes you can change a nappy or cook a meal but when will that need to be added to a CV (well I guess if you are going for a job as a nanny or chef hehe). I have excellent people skills and these are from both my working life and also my home life. Sure there are afew areas that I could brush up on, but generally I know that I can hold my own when it comes to working with people. Actually when I look at the Current Skills and Qualities activity (p.27) there are only a few that I do not have experience in, again some could be brushed up, but generally I do ok in most areas.

However if you had asked me to do this activity when I first came out of school - I probably would of run and hid somewhere. I'm sure most older people would be the same. Really the skills that you acquire through experiencing life are invaluable.

Ok so off I go to work through my Personal Statement. Really it comes down to the things that I write  about here although I can only write one or two senctences - that may be hard for old yabba mouth here who prattles on and on all the time hehehe but I will force myself to work out of my comfort zone and keep it short.
talk soon
 x joy 

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