Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hello and Welcome to Week 2

Boy Oh Boy - what a fun couple of days it has been. I am exhausted, brain dead and thoroughly confused all at the same time.

Today is Wednesday of week 2 and I am feeling so tired. It is quite funny because even as I am writing this, I am making so many spelling mistakes; I don't normally do that so I must be brain dead. This is what my brain feels like at the moment. Hehe!
I have gotten through most of my Computing for Uni Module for this week. I has some fun with that as I saved all my work and then promptly lost it, so had to do it all over again. I had actually forgotten to unzip the original file that everything came in and then as I 'saved as' along the way, it all went to some Temp file that I couldn't locate. Lesson well learnt after redoing it all - I can tell you!! I had to send two pieces away for feedback and I only made one mistake - Yippee!! I had not changed the size of font in my footer to 10 - so I will remember that one. I only have the revision to do in that course for this week now - but I needed to take a break from looking at the computer all day, so I will come back to that.

Now I am just about finished this weeks Essay Writing for Uni module. I have read about grammar,  punctuation, subordinating conjunctions, verbs,  relative pronouns, complex sentences and dependent clauses just to name a few. I can tell you they are swimming all around in my head and when it came time to do the given activity for this module, I was so confused that I couldn't remember my own name, let alone all this other stuff. Anyway I completed it and sent it off and will await feedback.

So really now I have to get stuck into my Prep for Uni tonight and tomorrow. I don't have Friday this week to study, as we are all heading into Rocky so that I can attend the Uni's Big Day In on Saturday. The boys are coming along also as they need to do some shopping and truth be known; I hate driving that far by myself. Anyway we will get to go have some junk food so that will be fun.

Last week I was having trouble keeping focussed and this week I am doing much better. I have been able to close the door to my little room and ignore everything else, which has been good. And my Hubby (Frankie) is being a super darling this week by keeping me supplied with snacks, water and huge, lovely sandwiches. I wish he was on days off every week :) .

Ok well I will go for now - I'm sure I will be back with another little update again soon.
Talk soon
X joy     

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