Monday, March 12, 2012

It's Week 3

Hello and happy Monday to you,
It's week 3 already - oh my goodness where did that time go???? Wow it has gone fast - it feels like it was only yesterday that I started week 1.

I got back late last night from attending 'The Big 1/2 Day In' at Rockhampton on Saturday, so we are all a little tired after our big drive. But I had so much fun! It was great to be on campus and meet some other likeminded people who are going through exactly what I am feeling. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and learnt so much as well.

One thing I did learn was to make sure that I read my course profile really well cause I have found out that I did last weeks and this weeks computing course all last week. Which is great cause I can spend this weeks time going over it all and doing revision but I could of saved myself alittle time and stress last week. Oh well, lesson well learnt.

Another thing that I missed last week was the actual details of the big day in that where attached to an email telling us what to bring. I assumed that it would be well sign posted and it would be easy to find but NNNNNOOOOOO!!!! We drove into the uni grounds and got totally confused and lost (luckily I had Hubby with me - cause I don't do lost really well at all) anyway we stopped at the Security Office to get directions and the man there assured me that there was no Big Day In today as he had not heard about it. Hehehe Luckily I then found Karen who had all the information from the email, that I had missed, and she knew exactly where she was going. Thank you Karen! I think I would be still wandering around that place looking for it, if I hadn't found you hehehe (That place is HUGE). Another lesson well learnt.

Ok so it was a great day - I feel so much more confident about my studies now (for the time being anyway hehe). And more importantly I met some lovely people (big wave hello to everyone I met). So here I am ready to get into week 3 although I have planned a little R & R for this morning. I have a very dear friend who I have not seen for weeks (since I started running off to Brissy for my surgery's - so that is since the beginning of Feb) and it is time that we had coffee (or diet coke for me ). So I have a nice chocolate cake fresh out of the oven and a few ice cold diet cokes ready to go. Then I will get into the study this afternoon with a clean frest brain ( I can hope anyway).

Ok well you have a happy day
 talk soon
 x joy 

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