Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Week 5

Hello and welcome to week 5. Today is Tuesday and is my second day in study mode for this week. Yesterday I spent the day doing Computing and loved every minute of it -  playing with PowerPoint. I have wanted to delve into PowerPoint for along time now but have just not got around to it. So yesterday was the perfect opportunity to have a structured play following instructions. It is great and there are so many things that you can do with it. I actually didn't feel like I was studying at all as I was having so much fun.

Today however is a little different hehe - I am doing Essay writing and it doesn't involve any fun for me! I have just put the books down and need to have a break as all the information is swimming around in my head all intermingled. I am sure that when I come back to it tomorrow it will be clearer. As much as I love writing, the concepts are not coming easily for me and the activities are very difficult. I know I am only learning but it is taking a few goes to get onto the right track. It will get easier the more I do it so I will just keep at it.

I am going to share a little funny from today with you. My dear hubby comes home everyday for lunch and we share all about our mornings during this time. He is very encouraging with my studies and sits and listens for ages about what I am learning. Today after revisiting reading 10 in The Essay Writing Resource Materials I asked him if he knew what a Synonym was - his response was 'yes it is a spice to put on apples' (cinnamon). He thought this was hilarious so I asked him what an Antonym was and he replied 'an ant that sits on top of the synonym on the apple'. It gets worse - I ask him what a Homophone is and he replies 'it's a mobile phone crossed with a hover craft so it hovers in the air' and then his explanation of a Homonym is a hover phone for him and then you get Homoher which are hover phones for girls. OMG by this time he is just cracking up as he thinks he is so clever hehehe I must admit that I did have a giggle as well 
This apple is just missing the Synonym hehe 

And people wonder why I love him hehe

Anyway I am off to go and look at my Prep Skills for the week now. So I may be back again later today.
 I hope you are having a giggly day as well
talk soon
x joy

ps must do the referencing for the apple picture:
ant on the apple picture www.kiddyhouse.com

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