Friday, March 30, 2012

It's vacation Week

Yippee hehe although when I think about it  - I really don't think I want to Yippee at all hehe just jokin'. But you see I do get one week off from official study but I am still going to keep working away at my modules for when I have to pop away for surgery. And my boys get two weeks off school - so there will be no lovely peaceful and quiet study time in Smithville. No siree - it will be go go go. Boys and their friends popping in and out, going here and there, needing to be fed and dropped off all over the place. I usually love school holidays, but I must admit that I have started to love my nice quiet days sitting studying away - rambling on with my own thoughts. I can't possibly talk to myself while the boys friend's are here hehe - my boy's know that I am mad so they wouldn't care but it might get out around town that I talk to myself and that would be no good at all hehehe.

Well this week has been a busy one as mentioned in my last post. I have completed and submitted Learning Portfolio A and some clever career planning for Prep Skills, done some PowerPointing in Computer Skills and done lots and lots for Essay Writing. That one has definitely been the hardest this week, making me stretch the comfort zone boundaries heaps. But it is settling into my brain slowly but surely. And when I look back to when I first started - I have come a long way and learnt heaps. I am still loving it all! Week 6 after our little vacation week looks like a busy one as well - so I really want to keep plodding away to keep in front. I will have a PowerPoint presentation of my own to do as well as Assignment 2 for Essay Writing and then I think at the end of week 7 I have to do an oral presentation.

This module in Prep this week has been great - Clever Career Planning. WOW I didn't realise just how many resources there are available to help you with choosing the career that is right for you. I wish all this had been around when I was at school - although I don't think I would of appreciated it then. Anyway it is mine for the using now and I am gunna use it!!!!

 I am still not 100% sure what I want to become when I grow up - but I am on the road of discovery and enjoying each step that I take. 


Isn't it exciting!!!!!!!!

ok well I am off to go get some zzzzzz's - it's only 8.30pm but I am so tired tonight.
Have a great weekend.
 talk soon
 x joy

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